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Candy Chang is an artist. She did this wonderful installation called “Confessions.” People could go into screened booths and write down a secret they could never tell anyone. Without signing their name, they could share the things they could never share before without any repercussion.

When G-uno and I were mulling over the thought of doing a blog where we could purge the deepest darkest, this installation kept coming to my mind. It started what we wanted to do, but we wanted to take it further.

We are not doctors. We are not therapists. We like to listen, and people seem to like to tell us things they don’t tell anyone else. Maybe they sense we listen or maybe they sense we actually care about what they are sharing, but its been a commonality in both of our lives.

There is something relieving in just saying the things you couldn’t say otherwise, the ugly thoughts, the twisted thoughts, the manipulative thoughts, the loving thoughts, the desirous thoughts… just thought. Anonymity is a liberating factor in being able to speak freely. It’s sad we cannot share 100% of our selves in life, it would make things so much simpler. However, with 100% sharing a lot more than the sharer could get hurt.

The thing we wanted to do here that isn’t done is the ability to discuss it. Without judgement, throw the elephant in the middle of the room and we will talk about it until dawn if you need. Check the links, but I hope you also decide to share a little of yourself here as well. We would love to hear you.

Confessions Project Site




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  1. #1 by G-uno on November 1, 2014 - 8:36 pm

    The idea of being able to say exactly what you think without causing catastrophic damage within all your relationships is just too enticing. We all have that filter that let’s us politely coexist. Not that all our inner thoughts are impolite, some are thoughts of love, attraction, and most definitely about sex We have been told all our lives that the truth is always the best policy, and yet we instinctively tread lightly on certain subjects. I am as interested in why we hold back as what we hold back..

    • #2 by g2 on November 3, 2014 - 3:57 pm

      Indeed, in one aspect I’m really excited by the prospect of people being able to maintain their anonymity and share all those things they could never speak of before. To get some relief from the demons that continue to hound them. I am a firm believer that when you talk about a problem and purge everything you think and feel about it, it will be come smaller and more manageable. It may take some time to get that point, or maybe even the right audience (or none).

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