Why So Hostile?

“People are strange: They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on major matters like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice.” Charles Bukawski—-I read this quote and it stopped me dead in the middle of my thought process! Truth especially blatant truth has that kind of power.

Example one– people who are stopped behind you and insist on blowing their horns to make you go faster through a stop sign. This angers me to the point of no return. Do you think I’m in any less of a hurry to reach my destination than you are? It’s obnoxious to believe that you are somehow more capable of deciding when I should jump out into traffic than I am. I wonder if it’s just possible that you feel the need to share your lack of maturity about having to wait a moment before you get to proceed. Whatever the case may be, it’s RUDE! My original point being, why would something as trivial as that bother me when I have yet to update important legal affairs like my will? 😉



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  1. #1 by g2 on November 3, 2014 - 3:06 pm

    I would venture to guess that when people feel the small perceived injustices, its more tangible and they feel like they have someone to yell at and to blame. It’s petty, mostly worthless but somewhat self-satisfying? Why do people troll? Are someone us just completely ingrained with this inability to empathize with others?

    On the bigger things, we know who to blame and those chores make you feel you’re own demise. Plus, anything that might involve the word “lawyer” is enough to render me constipated for days. I really need to update my own. I created mine through a more simple questionnaire through a prepaid legal service and voila, just need two notaries. Unfortunately, one of the people in it is now dead so it make some of the rest of it fall apart.

    To solve it for both of us: Get yer will done here.


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