Don’t Tell My Boss I’m Not Really Sick Today (G-uno)

Woke up feeling like a “long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.” I’m not sure who came up with this expression, but you can’t deny it makes a valid point. Lately my world has been way too busy. Busy I can deal with (the magical vagina always a great source of help G2 😉 ) it’s the death thing that is taking up too much space in my brain. The problem with death is that I can’t clean, organize, or avoid how it affects me.

My temporary solution for this problem is to quit for today. Just the act of calling in sick makes me happy. It takes me back to my younger years of cutting class, because I could always find something more fun to do. The very idea of running around doing shit I’m not suppose to do appeals to me. To make it even more interesting, I have managed to corrupt my otherwise very responsible husband into joining me.

I’m still very childlike in this respect. My husband is serious and dedicated to his job (I admire this about him), then there is me, shamelessly running around the house naked enticing him to bail with me. So for me today will be about great sex, delicious food, drink, watching funny movies, and any other form of self indulgence my little heart desires.

One thought on “Don’t Tell My Boss I’m Not Really Sick Today (G-uno)

  1. I call this recharging. In the realm of adulthood, especially when we are trying to be “examples” there is rarely a time when we can rebel. I think rebelling is not only healthy, but necessary. It sounds wonderful. May your soul sing today 🙂

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