The Reality of Irony (G-uno)

So this week was filled with ironic messages from the universe. After reading one of my favorite posts of the week I decided to comment giving my own perspective on  the adoptive parents who lovingly (strictly my viewpoint 😉 ) yet very mistakenly raised their son under the impression that he was Chinese. In actuality the young man was of Korean. The author of this post shared a very different opinion of the article. A strong and very valid opinion based on his perspective of having been adopted. This was a light bulb moment for myself, in that my own perspective came from having been raised all the way to adulthood to believe that I was also of a different ethnic background. In this particular case I really got a great laugh about the irony of the situation.

Yesterday, I decided that the Universe was within the realm of my control at least for the day. I took the day off, I even enticed my very responsible better half to bail on his responsibilities. I had pulled out the big guns (as G2 would say) promises of great sex, food, drink… Much to my delight he agreed to join me. I had very adamantly spoke about how the world would just have to survive without us for the day. I proclaimed that we had been bombarded with issues of death. Before the next sentence could escape my mouth, the universe decided to remind me that I was not in control (not even for one day) the phone rang.

It was our friend reminding us that the funeral of another friend was being held that afternoon. Irony at it’s most humbling aspect. In view of the fact that I believe a funeral is one the very last kindnesses you can actually give to a person, I proceeded to drag my husband into the shower with me. 😉 My way of getting in the last word with the Universe.


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