adventures in mom: chapstick (g2)

Whenever the cold months came on, my mom always had a hard time keeping her lips and nose from getting chapped. When she worked at the highway department, this was especially a problem since she spent so much of her time outside. She used chapstick on her mouth as well as her nose, as it lasted longer. One day, she was lacking chapstick and desperate and plundered my cache. Me being a kid, mine were all highly flavored (frito flavor anyone?)…. and colored.

She had decided mint chocolate was the most normal option I had and took it to work. My mom would work anywhere between 10-18 hours and this was an especially long day with much of it outside with her peers. It wasn’t until she got back to the main office when she happened to see her face in the bathroom mirror.

Not only her mouth but her nose too was lined with a bright, pale, fluorescent green. She could not decide if she was more irritated with me for not telling her it was colored (didn’t know, didn’t care… too busy laughing my ass off at her) or her co-workers for looking her in the face all day and not saying anything. When she questioned one of the latter, she got little more than a snort and a smirk. With her pale skin and freckles, I’m sure she looked like she’d had one really snotty sneeze without a tissue and didn’t bother to wipe. Now that’s hot.


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