Little Man’s Big Brother (G-uno)

Being Little Man’s big brother is in no way an easy journey to be handed in life. I tend to believe it’s the sort of thing that is responsible for creating either the heroes or the villains in life. Imagine there you are the sun, and the moon of your parent’s world. You are their first, the very reason they tumble out of bed in morning. A role in life that is truly fit for a king. Then after a year and a month your glorious reign comes literally to a screeching halt.

Your thirteen months old, so a verbal explanation of this halt to a perfectly pleasant reign is useless. This was a situation that you were going to have to learn by experience. To add insult to injury, this new invasion comes with inabilities that require your already new parents to completely focus on trying to meet his particular needs. At this point there isn’t a single parent out there that is not feeling extreme empathy for these new parents. One can only imagine the difficulty of this circumstance.The kind of inner strength one has to posses to even begin to face such a challenging journey is almost unthinkable.

In life it’s a very natural instinct for a parent to provide a more focused attention on the child who requires this kind of care. I suspect that in some way deep down inside, even siblings are aware that this is necessary. However knowing this does not lessen the sting of having someone else (sibling or otherwise) command your parents attention. Being Little Man’s big brother is going to be a life altering experience to say the very least.

I will give you some relief here,” Big Brother” is extremely intelligent. He’s a kind of an old soul type. Being a nine year old boy, he is just beginning to see that he isn’t the center of the world in a way that is stinging a little less these days. Watching him react to his world is pretty great from my perspective. I’ve worked very hard to earn his respect. He understands that I am yet another adult who adores “Little Man”. My bond with his brother initially angered him (Little Man posses a undeniable magnetic charm), but he is starting to understand that I also see him with adoring eyes. Big Brother has all the qualities of a young hero in the making. 😉


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