Rolling With Little Man & Big Brother (G-uno)

These two roll in a big way from the perspective of eight & nine year old brothers. Kids today have the kind of scheduled lives that only adults had back in my day. For the love of monkeys, let me remind you that I am a personal assistant to an eight year old! My only saving grace was that the two year old’s daycare was open today. I will hence forward refer to the youngest of these siblings as “The Baby.” I received a call at six this morning from two frantic parents asking me if there was any way I could spend the next eight hours with the (mother gulps loudly) two older brothers.

Let me paint this picture for you. Little Man is eight, Autistic, and does not like sharing his personal assistant (me), and Big Brother is nine and full of the sass, and not in slightest bit interested in hanging out with his younger brother. Both are angry that their plans with their parents are shot. I have just crawled out of my bed, and can still hear that my coffee isn’t ready. My plan was to put “the magical vagina” into full swing towards helping my daughter set up for Thanksgiving. I have an hour to rearrange my day, and make it to their home.

Upon opening the door I have a full view of the boys ( the 9 year old has the 8 year old in full head lock) threatening to place his toothbrush already in use into the other brothers mouth. Dad is sweating, and desperately needs to leave. I like “Dad” he is soft spoken, and loves his boys. He is however so mild that he is often at the mercy of his boys. Mom is the enforcer of this bunch, and would need three magical vaginas to keep up! I smile to dad gesturing him towards the door. Clearing my throat I announce this is not how this day is going to go.

Looking up at me (they are happy to see me), but understand the tone of my voice. The older brother releases the headlock he had his brother in, and immediately wants to know the new schedule. I proceeded to introduce something new& surprising.Today we will be showing our parents how thankful we are to have such high rolling lives. We will be switching rolls with our parents today, like that Disney movie you love” Freaky Friday.” Imagine their surprise as they cleaned, organized, did laundry and cooked . By the time Mom arrived the boys were more than happy to sit around and be bored. 😉


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