Intrigued By Collections (G-uno)

We are an interesting bunch human beings, with some very interesting behaviors. I am extremely intrigued by the things we choose to collect. I myself collect rocks. Okay I know the financial  prospect of my collection is not too promising, but my collection has a pretty interesting story. Even though I love science, there is no science involved with my rock collection, it’s purely a hobby of love. For as long as I can remember wherever I would go I spent a great deal of time noticing the rocks in my surroundings.

When I was a child I spent a lot of summer vacations with my father’s mother in West Virginia. My grandmother’s neighbor use to let me play under her porch. It was my version of a fort. It was a great place to stay cool during long hot summer days, and the wooden supports made excellent storage shelves on which I displayed my beloved rocks. I spent hours bucket and shovel in hand exploring the hillsides for rocks that I found to be of interest. Digging and searching all day long.

Once I had gathered my treasure I would put them into my wagon, and bring them back to my coveted space under our neighbors porch. I would then wash the dirt from the rocks placing them in the sun to dry, and then finally I would carefully place them onto the shelving. I spent many summer days, and countless hours of complete happiness with my rock collection. I’m sure my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother thought I was crazy. Yet they supported this little hobby. Ducking under the porch rafters to see my grand collection, bringing me lemonade, sandwiches, and inspecting the latest additions to my daily collection.

If you were to visit my home now you would find rocks inside my home, and all over my yard (I live in a state where there are no mountains) so you would know right away that this rather vast collection had been brought here to reside. What you would not know is that over the years I have picked up certain rocks from many places I have visited or once lived. You would also not know that whenever my family or friends go somewhere in lieu of a store-bought souvenir I ask them to bring me a rock.

People have various reasons for their particular choice of a collection. I’m not sure why I love rocks, I just know that I do. What I do know is whether I am wandering inside my home or out in my yard I notice them, I enjoy knowing each one has been carefully chosen. 😉


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  1. #1 by chickensconsigliere on July 2, 2016 - 12:30 am

    I’m a rock collector, too. I have jars of them all over the house and use the big smooth ones I collect at the beach as bookends. A couple years ago a boy on Halloween was being a smart Alec and asked me for a rock. I gave him a beautiful one. This year he came back and brought a couple friends and they all wanted rocks. It was kind of a special little moment.

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