You Know What They Say About Making Plans… (G-uno)

There are always two sets of plans looming in my life. The first is my plan, and the second is the Universe’s plan. For as long as I can remember the two of us NEVER have the same plan! I believe that if the Universe ever decided to concede, and let me implement my plan it could be an indication that the entire world would be coming to an end as we mere humans have come to know it. I will go so far as to say that even worse is the fact that I continue to make plans (knowing in my heart of hearts) that it will never actually happen.

For nine long years my husband and I have attempted to build an addition on to our home. I live in a very small home in a neighborhood that I love. We started our married life in a garage apartment efficiency. Seven years we lived happily in this tiny little apartment. One bedroom, a kitchen area (which doubled as our living room because our couch resided there), and a very tiny bathroom. The bathroom had a tiny stand up shower, sink, and toilet. It was so small that you literally took only two steps to be in front any of the three amenities. As a matter of fact you only had to take two steps from the bed to enter the bathroom. Your starting to get the idea that we are not overly demanding about our amount of square living space.

I would also like to point out this was an excellent way of testing out your ability to live with someone. I am however digressing here from my original point, my latest collision with the Universe. We saved an were finally able to buy the worst little home in a very desirable neighborhood. After seven years in the garage apartment it seemed much bigger to us than it actually was, but we loved this fixer-upper and have lived here for twenty-six years.

Due to many collisions with the Universe we were only able to build our rather good sized addition exterior. So after facing this much coveted unfinished shell, we finally entered into an agreement with another builder to complete the interior. The plan was to begin in January after the holidays. Sunday night the builder calls, and says he needs to start the next day. My husband and I actually needed the additional month to prepare and clear out this area that has become a giant storage space for all of our junk for the last nine years. Oh yes, and did I mention that this is December? The single most difficult month of the year!

I would love to sit here bellyaching some more, but I have less than a half hour to shower, and clear out the last area we were much too exhausted to finish in the wee hours of last night. Jobs are horribly inconvenient that way requiring some sleep before you actually attend them. Well you know what they say about making plans… 😉


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