Setting Trends With My Flip Phone (G-uno)

Just as I suspected the flip phone is making a comeback! You would know how hysterical this is if you knew how my now grown children shrink in public when I answer mine. Yes I know hard to believe in this day and age someone still carries a flip phone, but if you knew this blogger you would know that it’s pretty characteristic of my style. I will even admit to you that I still text the original way, since my phone has no keyboard. I’m actually pretty skilled at this push a letter to find the one you want action.

I’m just one of those people who marches to the beat of a different drum. I understand all of the wonderful advantages that new technology provides I just prefer a more uncomplicated life. To help you understand a little more clearly. I did not get cable television until the late 90’s. Something my children still bring up with extreme sarcasm (I might add skills I know they developed due to a lack of time spent channel surfing) whenever they reminisce  about their rather unconventional upbringing. Even now I have basic cable which I am seriously considering dumping. Ninety-nine channels and I swear I only watch four of them.

I’m not even really sure of when my distaste for too much technology began. I think it started with the answering machine. It seemed like a great way to avoid answering the phone until I found myself standing there one afternoon for a half an hour listening to message after message. I realized at that point that these people had trapped me anyway, and were expecting me to spend the next hour or two calling them back. I then ripped that phone with it’s mini-tape recorder from the wall, and threw it out into the back yard. You should also know that I don’t have caller I.D. either, so if you call me I am not screening your call. I am just busy doing other things and don’t feel like stopping to answer the phone.

I’m one of those people who can never fit everything I want to accomplish into a day as it is, so anything I find to be too much of a time suck I just simply reject dealing with it, much to the dismay of my family and friends. I see I’m getting a little off point here so to redirect, I rarely carry a purse. I grab my debit card, driver’s license, my beloved flip phone (this one is more “techy” it takes pictures unlike the previous one), and I take off for my day. Well if my kids are with me, and they see me answer my flip phone they either pretend like they don’t know me, or they snicker out loud. Neither of which affects my wise decision to embrace my flip phone.

Then yesterday as I was running around organizing for the hellish construction now taking place in our home, I heard on the news (one of the four channels I actually watch) that the flip phone was making a comeback in Hollywood. I stop what I’m doing pull out my flip phone, and immediately start pecking out a text to my kids letting them know their shame is finally over. Their mother is actually a trend setter! 😉


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  1. #1 by g2 on December 3, 2014 - 9:13 pm

    I find it amusing that you reject technology for the same reason I embrace it. I am completely with you on cable TV. I turned my TV on exactly one time this year. I have and netflix where I can watch just what I want to see whenever I want to see it because I HATE being tethered to someone else’s schedule, and the 20 minutes of commercials that have been injected in every single show are enough to make me crazy.

    I am also with you on the flip phone… you won’t hear of many instances when a flip-phone butt-dialed anyone. I miss the days of being able to stuff it in my back pocket on the way out the door, and they are usually so small I didn’t even have that unlevel feeling you get when your wallet is overstuffed. Now I have a mini-tablet that sort of makes phone calls… not well, but it does it.

    I was the last of my peers to get a cellphone. I didn’t want to be obtainable when I was out, but this steadily started to become an issue for other reasons so I broke down and bought the smallest phone and the cheapest most basic plan I could get. I think, to this day, if you accrued all of my unused minutes from the day I first got a cellphone to right now, I would have enough minutes already paid for to last my lifetime.

    Anyway, I knew that phones had a vibrate setting (I read the damn manual twice) so when I got to work, I switched it over to vibrate and stuffed it in my front pocket (anyone else see the problem here?). I had to oversee a giant sales floor and sat at this giant pedestal desk at the front of the room. One of my co-workers/friend’s knew about my latest purchase and thought it would be funny to call me while we were both at work (they were way across on the other side of the room).

    When it rang, I fell off my chair.

    It was a quick lesson in why it should go in your back pocket.

    I am also in full agreement on the answering machines. I have never liked those at all and I hate leaving voice mails, I always sound like a cross between a bad prank call and a stoner. But where we differ is I opted to switch even my providers voicemail over to Google Voice which transcribes my voicemails to text so I can skim them (doc waiting room, block of boring time that must be endured). I’m a faster reader and a distracted listener when it comes to voicemail, so that works better for me. Weird considering I can listen to someone in my face tell their life story for hours, but then one is very organic, the other isn’t.

    I LOVE technology, but not if it gets to the point where I’m having to tether devices to myself. I will opt for anything that will eliminate paper. I hate looking at my mail. I like things simple, but if I can find the app that could clean my house, cook and no not require input from me to not burn the house down, I’d be all over it. 🙂

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on December 3, 2014 - 10:52 pm

      LOL perspective is everything in this life. I actually tried out the phone with the keyboard (slider I think) did not like the pocket fit old school won. 😉

      • #3 by g2 on December 4, 2014 - 2:12 pm

        I’ve completely abandoned the sliders… too bulky and they usually have touch screens which have the ability to butt dial. My next goal is to just get out of the contract game for good and beat down my oversized and unwarranted monthly bill. The thing that is sick is not being able to BUY a flip phone anymore (or possibly not for some 8 years?), or service one. I have a cousin who would gladly go back to her Razr if they would just service it. I hate being forced to conform… bastards!

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