Bashing Our Men (G-uno)

We are without doubt a nation of “Bashers”,and while no one escapes this deplorable custom today I would like to vent about bashing our men. Yesterday I happen to be in the ladies room in a public place two other women were also using this facility. They were having a pretty heated session of man bashing. This is something that occurs on a pretty frequent basis. No one can deny that being born with a penis has some pretty hefty privileges, but no one can deny this also puts men right in the line of fire for being bashed.

I am a fan of accountability, human beings should always accept responsibility for their actions, but I also see that in our society we do not give equal billing for the good that our men do. This  is a habit that I believe is having a very negative, and irreversible damaging effect on society’s future as a whole. Man bashing is in itself is a form of verbal and emotional abuse that is rapidly becoming too accepted in society. In many ways man bashing is the equivalent of the fist of an angry woman with the potential to deal out a hugely destructive blow.

Our men are fathers, brothers, sons, grandsons, husbands, friends, lovers the list of their roles in this life is immense. Their value in our lives is beyond measure, and our speech to our children, and everyone else we encounter should always reflect this irreplaceable value. I am in no way saying that I have never bashed my own man because I most regrettably have displayed this deplorable behavior. Even worse in a moment of extreme anger I did this in front of our son and daughter. After the ugly words came out of my mouth I happened to see a look on our children’s faces a look that still haunts me.

I had verbally struck their father in front of them. I had emotionally abused their father. This man is the single most important male role model in their lives. Our sons learn how to become men from their father’s. Our daughter’s learn how they should be treated in life by all other men from their father’s. When we bash our men we not only devalue them, but we devalue our sons. We are teaching our daughters that this is how to treat the men in their lives. We are perpetuating the idea that striking someone with your verbal fist is acceptable. We are teaching future adults that our men are without value. This does and will continue to destroy the future of our society. Is this how we want our children or anyone else to view us as women?

I would love to tell you that I never again made the “Man Bashing” mistake again but that would be a lie. It takes a great deal of time to reverse bad behavior. What I can tell you is that when I do slip I make sure to immediately point out that my behavior is WRONG! I also explain why it is wrong with an immediate apology. I am the person who chose this man to be my partner in this life. What does it say about me if I chose someone I did not deem valuable? 😉


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