All Hail The New King! Introducing “Little Man’s” Baby Brother (G-uno)

“The Baby” is without doubt claiming all rights to being the center of attention in his family, this absolutely drives “Little Man” crazy! After all he has been the reigning king for a solid six years. I have a theory that “Big Brother” who had to give up his (entirely too short) reign as the king to “Little Man” has formed a secret alliance with “The Baby” as a form of pay back. “Big Brother” has a close bond with “The Baby.” I honestly can not discern if it’s because he is embracing his role as the oldest, or if the babies incredible talent to torture the middle one (Little Man) brings him a great source of pleasure.

“The Baby” is small for his age, and is incredibly easy on the eyes. The only large physical feature on this child is his huge beautiful blue eyes. Each of the brothers can be described as handsome little men, and yet all three have a very different look. The baby has sandy light brown hair, and a very fair complexion. The face of a “Gerber Baby,” and seems to understand that he could charm the Devil into turning the A.C. on in Hell. We are talking about some serious face power, brought on by his delay in mastering speech. Although  he is exceedingly smart he is extensively delayed in  his ability to speak. Have no fear though “The Baby” has mastered the ability to communicate his point!

I suspect that when you are incredibly smart the inability to express your intelligence with words can build up a little internal fury. Believe me in this particular case dynamite does come in small packages, and “The Baby” has a short fuse. You can literally see the wheels turning in his head when he realizes someone is not quick enough to understand his demand, and he is devising a way to speed up their learning curve. I am blessed with the ability to pick up on his desires more quickly than most. This is my saving grace in our relationship. He likes this about me, and it makes me quite useful in his very busy little existence.

“Little Man” has Autism, and like “The Baby” his ability to master speech was very delayed. The parents have made the very smart decision to have the baby begin speech therapy. This is yet another area where “The Baby” has unknowingly replaced “Little Man.” I was hired to be” Little Man’s” personal assistant, over time we have developed a very close bond so he resents “The Baby “for not only taking his place in speech therapy, but for the fact that he has to share HIS assistant. I also miss my time with “Little Man,” but I am so proud that he has made such great progress in his therapies that he really does not require my constant assistance.

I must also admit that I can hardly contain my curiosity about “The Baby.” I am thoroughly amused by the new reigning king, and his antics. All I can say to you is “All Hail The New King” he was born to make an impression in this world! 😉


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