You Want To Be Punched On Purpose? (G-uno)

My son’s announcement that he was going to box felt like somebody had punched me in the face on purpose! I knew from the very start when he stood up a at nine months, and walked across the floor grinning at me that life with this young man would never be dull. I should tell you my husband, and our children are only happy when they are participating in endeavors that should come with labels like-WARNING MAY CAUSE DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY!

I know you think that because I’m a mom that I may be over exaggerating here, but sadly I am not. My husband, and our children seem to carry a genetic pension for loving any activity that involves danger. I have had a front row seat to them racing motorcycles, cliff diving, para-sailing, surfing in highly shark infested waters, (for the love of God they live for hurricanes because it improves the quality of waves), extreme trick water skiing, jet skiing, even sky diving!

Our son has always loved any sort of physical challenge, he has a natural built-in ability to be quite good at mastering anything that captures his interest. A couple of years ago he was dating a young lady whose mother was a quite accomplished marathon runner. Our son announces to us (keep in mind he has never participated in any running event) that he was going to New York to run in the Century Marathon. A full marathon 26.2 miles for which he had about six weeks to train. He actually ran the entire race,and even placed 2nd in his category! He was unable to walk correctly for the next three days, but this is the kind of determination I have been dealing with since he took those very early first steps.

Then came the dreaded day when he walked in announcing that he was going to try boxing. I immediately wanted to keel over into the fetal position. I asked him “You really want to knowingly participate in a sport where someone can punch you on purpose?” he replied with his usual charming grin ” Yes Mom but the idea is to not get punched.” I proceeded to point out all of the obvious reasons why one should not subject one’s perfectly healthy body to such brutal treatment fully knowing that like all the other times I had given this carefully thought out speech he was already envisioning his first bout. 😉


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