Sleeping Naked (G-uno)

I am a fan of sleeping naked. Truthfully I only use my pajamas for two things, when my reluctant feet hit the floor early in the morning, I slip them on to slumber around in while performing my early morning rituals. The second is at the end of my long day, I slip back into them to relax and unwind before I  go back to our bed to sleep. The very moment I reach my bedside I drop my “jamies” faster than you can say goodnight.

I find that most people have some very set opinions about sleeping naked. Much like the great state Florida you either love it, or you don’t. For the record I love Florida too. Now back to the subject of sleeping naked. My husband was not completely on board with this idea in the beginning. He had the usual worries that someone who has not yet discovered how great it is to sleep with absolutely no confines on your body might have, for example what if there’s a fire or a burglar in the house? My counter arguments were no unnecessary elastic or clothing causing you discomfort, making you wake up in order to free yourself from entanglement. His counter was what if our future kids walk in on us? My counter argument, are we going to stop having sex after we have kids because they might walk in on us?

I could see his reluctance on this subject. Appealing to his sense of great comfort wasn’t working. I realized that I would have to pull out the big guns in order to convince him to give sleeping naked a try. I then proceeded to tell him to imagine the feeling of lying next to one another with absolutely no physical barriers? Okay now his wheels were turning, and his barriers on the subject were starting to weaken. Being the steadfast Swede that he is, I hit him with how I had heard about a study that concluded that couples who sleep naked had much more sex than those who wore pajamas. At this point his barriers had crumbled, he didn’t even have the state of mind to ask me what study was that? He agreed to give this sleeping naked experiment a try.

I am happy to report that thirty-three years later the experiment was a complete success! 😉


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    Someone else understands the joy of sleeping in your natural state!

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    I love sleeping naked and living as a nudist. 🙂

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