Shame, Shaming and Mental Illness

I agree with the concept of shaming being a really big negative in the extreme. But I also feel that one some level, shaming is necessary. If your mom and dad tell you that you have the golden voice of a superstar, I can only hope your peers will step in and tell you its actually more like a cat being stepped on if that is the case… at least before you proudly go on national television thinking you’ll be the next Beyonce. It amazes me how many I’ve seen that seem AMAZED they aren’t as good as they thought.

Now, bullying… that kind of shame. That’s a different story. But it is so hard to get a child to understand, especially among children, for them to get out of the self-centeredness that is very much a part of their development to understand empathy.

Maybe that’s what it all boils down to though. Not enough empathy


I am thinking about the issue of “Shaming” and “Shame” today, because I had a horrible incident of being shamed yesterday.

The things I was accused of were misconstrued behaviors and one error in judgement on my part. I made a decision in an emergency situation which turned out to be a social error. The decision I made  still seems logical to me in retrospect, but apparently the social rules are over everything else, even in urgent situations.

I missed the social etiquette in the situation. It got people very angry and I was scolded and shamed in a severe way. I was thinking about the effect that the shaming and threatening of my job , had on my self esteem .

I think shaming is an issue that all people with mental illness have experienced. In many cases , shaming may have caused the beginning of a person’s mental…

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