A Visit From “The Cat In The Hat” AKA-Little Man (G-uno)

It was a cold, wet, rainy day, as Little Man and I sat at his dinning room table staring out the window. It occurred to me that we looked just like the two characters from Dr.Seuss’ book “The Cat In The Hat” so I looked at Little man and started to attempt quoting the first page, “The Sun did not shine…” He is incredibly smart, and immediately gets the humor in our situation. Smiling at me he tells me to wait one minute he will be right back. He then dashes up the stairs to his room. Thoroughly intrigued I stayed right there in my seat has he had requested.

Then looking up at the stairway I see his feet, he is wearing black fuzzy slippers and I see what looks like the bottom of a tail. He can hardly contain his own amusement at what he is about to show me, he is giggling all the way down the staircase, dressed as “The Cat In The Hat.” I tell him “Little Man I love your costume!” He replied ” I don’t know who Little man is. I am The Cat In The Hat.” He reaches the bottom of the stairs with his tail dragging behind him and his red & white stripped hat and says ” I hope your ready for a wacky day.”

My assigned role was the character “Sally” and I also was asked to play the part of grumpy fish when needed. Little Man is eight years old, and has Autism, he also possesses the incredible ability remember everything he reads! His attention to detail is uncanny, so convincing him that his parents might not have my same appreciation for his desire to reenact the cats havoc on the household was no small feat. We did however come to a suitable compromise. I agreed to let him turn as many items as he could upside-down, as long as he promised to return things to their proper order before his parents returned home. After all that is what “The Cat In The Hat” did. 😉


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    This kid is beyond epic.

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