Ghosts Of Christmases Past (G-uno)

Every year right about this time I like so many others out there am remembering those who are no longer physically here to share the holidays with us. At my age the list has become fairly long. I jokingly refer to these treasured people as “The Ghosts Of Christmases Past.” Now before you all start looking for a bridge to jump off of, let me explain. This is not a dark morbid ritual, it’s just something I do to keep those who have left us around for the holidays.

I have warned you all before I have always marched to the beat of a different drum. With that in mind let me explain my little Christmas ritual. For my Dad I will make sure there will be blueberry pie (his favorite was cherry), but he always made me a blueberry pie because it’s my favorite. For my Mom I will listen to Elvis Presley’s Christmas songs. Mom loved Elvis. She died when I was four, and for some reason this is the only thing I can remember about our Christmases together. For my Aunt “The Queen” of Christmas I will hang my little green elf she gave me on our first Christmas together in 1968. He will sit with his knees bent arms folded around his legs, staring out from my tree watching me in her place. I will serve pickled herring on Swedish crackers for my husbands grandparents. My daughter and I will have coffee in honor of our friends adopted daughter who left us two years ago at the tender age of 18. We had introduced her to coffee with the girls as part of our celebration prior to Christmas something we had started when she was only six. I will serve dessert on my pink depression glass collection from Ruth and use the handmade pot holders my sister-in-law made for everyone the Christmas she was too ill to go out and shop.

This list could go on for another three or four pages easily, but I will spare you from the rest of my own little personal brand of crazy. My point is that we may not be aware of our own particular importance to the people we share your lives with, and this is my little way of keeping  us all together. Christmas is a lonely time for people whether you are surrounded by the people you love or not. If you feel like you don’t have the kind of traditions you may desire it is never too late to start one. The most simplistic gesture can hold the greatest of impact, and for me this by far the most magical part of Christmas. The most wonderful part of all of this is whether you are the one who receives the gesture, or the one who makes the gesture it has the power to take the loneliness that so many people feel  during this holiday away!

My celebration of my ghosts from Christmases past is a constant reminder of the great impact we can have on one another, and a reminder that I can experience the real magic of Christmas no matter what my circumstance may be. 😉


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