The Other View On Sleeping Naked (G-uno)

After posting my love of sleeping naked I realized there are a lot of folks out there just like me. To be perfectly honest I really have not given much thought to the nudist lifestyle. I’m pretty much a live, and let live kind of gal. The post seemed to draw in a lot of readers so I started discussing the subject with my family, and friends to see their opinions on the subject. Interestingly enough everyone seemed to have some very decisive opinions regarding being nude. Much like the great state of Florida they either loved the idea, or hated it which only makes me more anxious to discuss  the topic.

When our daughter was about four years old, my husband and I awoke to her standing completely naked in the doorway. She has always been very petite, and seeing her tiny little self standing there made us smile. My husband said “Hey nakie go get some clothes on” to which she replied ” Okay but I want you to know I slept naked last night,and I didn’t like it!” She then turned giving us the view of the cutest tiny little hiny ever. We were thoroughly amused that she had thought about this, and had actually gave it a try. Well I asked her a couple of days ago as an adult, if she had changed her mind about sleeping naked, and she reaffirmed that no she still did not like sleeping naked.

So then I thought about our son who was the child you had to fight to keep his clothes on. I went to him with the same question, and he replied he did prefer to sleep naked providing it was not to cold.  So then I asked if he thought he would be comfortable living as a nudist? He said it would not be a problem for him at all. Aside from sleeping naked most of my life, the only other time I have actually been nude publicly was on the beaches while vacationing in Greece. My husband, and I were traveling from one island to the next. Being nude on the beaches was very common practice among the Greeks, and other tourists.

I have never been nude in front of my other family members, or friends as it is often frowned upon by my fellow Americans. Which I find to be quite strange in a culture that openly celebrates nudity on our most popular television shows. This is a most curious subject to say the least. I would be very interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the topic. 😉


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  1. #1 by clothesfreelife on April 21, 2015 - 3:04 pm

    very interesting post thanks for exploring the subject of living clothes free. As someone who came back to sleeping clothes free as adult here is an aspect of a learned comfort to sleeping clothes free. If you have not done it before I think there is an adjustment period to the feeling on the skin. As for living clothes free opinions vary greatly because of the often distorted perceptions folks have about the clothes free body and all the beliefs and values wrapped up in those perceptions.

    Thanks again for engaging the subject

  2. #2 by idioglossiablog on April 21, 2015 - 3:58 pm

    My pleasure. Thank you also for your thoughts on the subject. I simply could never sleep with pajamas again. I did have the chance to visit some of the other clothing optional blogger’s posts, and I just loved the openness without all the distorted perceptions. I have gotten a few less than complimentary remarks about my love of sleeping naked, but I could never go back. Sometimes you just need to expand your mind, and shrink your wardrobe, 😉 Thanks again, G-uno

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