Behind The Blank Looks (G-uno)

You know they pretend they aren’t looking at you because they know you don’t want to talk to them. Sitting in their wheelchairs, sometimes on benches around the facility recalling a time in their lives when people actually came looking for their conversations, their opinions, their advice.

They are trapped in wrinkled older bodies, some of their limbs are contracted, their eyes droop, and sometimes they have a strong odor because the people who are supposed to help them bathe, and groom cannot find the time to help them. Sometimes it’s simply because they don’t want to.

They know their hearts have only so many beats left before they finally take their last beat. They wake each day wondering if this is their last.They have nothing to look forward to, but this does not impact you. You see the blank looks, and you are relieved that they have given you the okay to walk past them as though they do not exist.

You believe you are the one who doesn’t have time. You are afraid to touch them. When in truth you are afraid because you know someday you will be them. Discarded like useless possessions, because you had the audacity to live past the point where you could care for yourself.

Behind the blank looks is where your future lies. A place, and a time where people who use to need you will pray for you to die. You will take your turn, for time cheats very few of us from this invisible dance before we die.


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