Bah Humbug The Magical Vagina Has failed! (G-uno)

I seriously can just not pull it together this year so I’m getting my white flag ready for flight, and a pink slip for the Magical Vagina! The worst part is that I find myself hating everyone right now (usually not my style), and today was a complete disaster. I do feel a little better after reading G2’s post. I’m not glad that you are feeling all that frustration, I’m just glad I’m not the only one miserably failing at setting up a decent Christmas. Thank God my Aunt “the queen of Christmas” can not (at least without the help of a medium) weigh in on my horribly failing status.

I just suck this year, and I can’t seem to complete on single thing. I am working mad hours, the house is knee deep in construction, and daily bedside visits with the terminally ill loved one are beating me down. I forgot to mention one of my closest friends father passed away the night before last. She is out of state preparing a pre-Christmas funeral while I sit here pissing, and moaning about my issues. I will try to put some perspective on that after I moan a bit more. I think after last years deep dark depression I just wanted to make up for it this year. Truth be told I am just so exhausted I want to just go ahead send the white flag up the pole, and surrender. šŸ˜‰


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