the holiday finale (g2)

I probably got all of four hours sleep and I had to forcibly pry my offspring out of bed and even then they were hesitant. Considering the amount of noise I made, I really don’t understand how I wasn’t busted, much less how in the hell my spawn ambled to bed at a decent hour because they don’t want to be skipped, and then be hesitant to see the stash in the morning. They have been like this as long as I can remember.

This child has not had one bad Christmas their entire life, so I have no clue why the casual attitude about the big S. I have also been trying to subtly get spawn to clean their room in anticipation of said item of furniture… only to have no luck at all. All it took upon the magic morning was to tell them they could not use it until they got it into their room. Within an hour everything I had been bitching for months to be done was done to some extent and the piece of furniture moved into its new home.

Even though annually I had little interest in what I got, my curiosity alone still had me up at 4am on the big day when I was a child. I had to itemize EVERYTHING and I loved to see what everyone else got and the excited faces they made when they got just THE thing. I loved it even more if I was the one to put that look on their face, but no one is very resourceful as a child to meet those kinds of desires. My demands of Santa were wild, elaborate and utterly impossible. I wanted a grand stand show, baby! I guess its no wonder why my grand would have such a hard time. However, at the same time, why would you give a board game to an only child? Checkers sucked when playing both sides.

Spawn is another thing entirely and casually surveys the area, cracks a side grin when they really like something they see but is hesitant to touch it. Maybe wary it might disappear? Only rarely do I get to see the jump up kind of happy and usually its the thing they didn’t ask for but I made up as I went along. This year had a lot of video games on the wish list, and I selected a few key ones I knew that were at the top of that list to which to whittle it down. As I type this, I think spawn has cracked into the 2nd one since this morning. This is how my holiday progresses, I watch while spawn savors. They would make a great wine taster if they didn’t think everyone who drank alcohol had a problem.

We lounged in our pj’s, we didn’t brush our hair, we didn’t call or visit anyone, we played games, ate a macaroon in honor of grand’s favorite and spawn ate an entire box of peeps in honor of mom’s favorite, made chicken and dumplings just like grand used to make, ate till we were about sick, talked, laughed, bitched, fought and laughed again. As the day wears on, I’m content, but realized I’ve only had about four hours sleep and I’m starting to feel it.

I’m very thankful I will not be seeing work until Monday. I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful for the weird understated, subtle kid I have. I’m thankful I am able to afford the insane overnight shipping it will take to send my uncle food from his past. I’m thankful for those who had a wonderful holiday, and I’m thankful for the ones still here to make a shitty one better. I’m thankful to our readers, that you find us interesting enough to visit, we pretty much feel the same way about you too.

And now, I’m thankful I’m home, and close to a pillow.

Have a very special, wonderful, content holiday!


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  1. #1 by idioglossiablog on December 26, 2014 - 2:48 am

    Merry Christmas G2!

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