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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


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Hired By My Princess From India (G-uno)

My little “Princess from India” was quite pleased that I had decided to follow her as she intently explored the lay out of McDonalds. Mom on the other hand was not enjoying the tour. Her brow wrinkled, and her impatience was growing. I couldn’t help noticing that the “Princess” seemed to  understand that her Mother was not pleased, and she occasionally smiled up at her mother with the look of the cat that swallowed the canary.

I asked Mom if the “Princess” had any food allergies and if it would be okay to order her a plain vanilla sundae. Mom said “sure” and reached for her wallet, politely asking me if I cared to have anything as well. I smiled declining the offer and returned the kindness of asking her if she would like anything? Mom said no thank you, and seemed unsettled that I had paid for the Princess’s sundae. We headed towards a table and the little “Princess” very independently climbed up right next to me. She was staring curiously at the sundae. Keep in mind the entire interview the “Princess” never once spoke to me only to her Mother.

Smiling at the “Princess” I placed a napkin to cover her shirt, and opened the sundae. I placed the spoon in front of her noticing that she stared at it rather than picking it up. Mom told me she had never eaten a sundae before and that she did not feed herself. I was a little surprised on both counts but I picked up the spoon and gave her a taste. She was surprised by the coldness, but immediately gave me a nod of approval to continue with the feeding. Thoroughly amused I continued to feed her the sundae while Mom began her questioning.

I continued interacting with the “Princess” while answering all of Mom’s questions. Then It was my turn to ask my questions. I asked Mom if her daughter had any health issues. Mom looked surprised and revealed to me that the little “Princess” had a heart condition, and that she had already had open heart surgery. I was surprised by the fact that she had not disclosed this important detail to me, looking back I think it may have been because she initially intended not to leave me alone with her one and only daughter. Then I asked her if the” Princess” spoke English? Mom’s face reddened and she told me that she did not. She then revealed to me that she, and her husband wanted to hire me for two primary reasons. The first was to teach the “Princess” to speak English without the deep accent that both she, and her husband shared. The second was to help her ,and the “Princess” become more Americanized.

This is exactly why first interviews are so intriguing to me. As I told you before clients rarely fully disclose their particular needs in our initial correspondence. So first interviews are a lot like opening an unexpected carefully wrapped package. Sometimes I can guess within the first few minutes of an interview what their requests will entail. This was not the case with this interview. Mom then asked me if I was still interested in the job? I of course agreed to take the position, after all the “Princess” had already captured my heart. 😉

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thar be trolls (g2)

Ever have one of those periods in your life when its like everything you touch turns to shit? I’m having one of those. The machines I was working on? Still not working. I make one step forward and then two steps back. It’s lovely. I’m having to lock myself in left-brain so much my right brain doesn’t have a second to interject. I’m sure its pouting in a corner. Wish I could.

Decided to go with a completely different operating system on one machine, didn’t burn the version that was compatible with old hardware. Go to burn correct version, no more CD-R’s to burn anything on.

It can be some of the most mundane stuff though too. Loaded up a machine at the laundromat, put soap in, and its the only one in the entire building that does not work and has no sign on it.

Have a large amount of items that need to go in the post… our postage machine decides it time to kick the bucket.

Fix one aspect of a program that won’t  work, three other aspects that should have been unrelated spit out errors.

I feel like I’m getting trolled.

I know the only thing I can do when things get like this is just back off, sleep, try again, then sometimes… just wait it out. I don’t understand why it seems energy, time, weather, the moon, internal body electrolytes or some combination of all of them will seemingly team up to fuck with you.

Unless its really trolls.

As far as I know, the Catholic church is the only one who still does exorcisms, do you think they have one for trolls too?

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The Unspoken Truth Part-2 (G-uno)

We “The Sheep” are basically good people who work very hard to make our way through a life that comes with many challenges. The most important unspoken truth we need to face is that when we place our loved ones in any form of a healthcare facility you still have to oversee their care! There is no magical place where everyone will make sure all your loved ones needs are going to be met, and you can not expect those who are providing the care to do more for your loved one than you yourself are capable of doing.

Imagine for just one moment that you with everything you have going on in your daily life, suddenly find yourself faced with the responsibility of caring for a loved one who requires 24-hour care. You love this person with all your heart, and as much as you would like to you are unable to provide them with the care they require. At first you try to keep up with every need. You put on your super cape, you try to convince yourself that you should be able to do this too!

Life continues to press forward dropping one task after another onto your already overloaded plate. You find yourself failing at providing the one you love with the level of care you would like to give them. Your exhausted both physically and mentally, lets not forget that emotionally you are practically hanging on by a thread! Finally you make the decision to place your loved one into a facility that assures you they can provide everything you were unable to accomplish. This is the point where you believe you much like Jack in “Jack And The Beanstalk,” that you have purchased magical beans. Someone who is a complete stranger is going to come into your life, and magically provide your loved one with impeccable care. Your worries are over!

The reality is that this is a deception used to help you deal with your guilt over not being able to meet your loved ones needs. As “sheep” we accept this lie, after all it’s much easier to have someone else to blame when improper care occurs. The unspoken truth is that most paid care providers are completely overwhelmed in their jobs. Facilities are usually severely understaffed, and each care taker may be given 9 or more residents who require full care at a time. Keep in mind that although this is their chosen profession establishments place an almost impossible amount of work in a very limited window of time. Not to mention that they are trying to get those in need of this care to cooperate with the tasks at hand.

It’s my opinion that this is the environment that breeds the undesirable “Disciples of the Grim Reaper .” These are the workers who seem to be able to turn off their humanity in order to cope with the great demands imposed onto them by the facility’s corporate staff. To keep up with the job’s demands workers have to cut corners. In care taking terms this means less time for toileting, feeding, bathing, and oral hygiene! It also means that residents are more subject to rough physical encounters, harsher verbal exchanges, human dignity issues become of less importance for the sake of meeting the time requirements. Caretakers are under the scrutiny of corporate employees, nursing staff, and family members constantly, in addition to meeting your loved ones needs.

The huge problem is that if you have a caretaker who wants to give their residents/patients good care you will either emotionally/physically burn them out causing them to leave this profession, or worst of all you will turn them into one of “The Disciples of the Grim Reaper!” 😉

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The Unspoken Truth Part-1 (G-uno)

Have you ever wondered why people in the medical field are the very first to handle their end of life issues regarding their healthcare? Why they are usually the first to make sure their durable power of attorney, also known as a health care proxy, and living wills are firmly in place? I can assure you that most of us even take the extra added measure of making sure the people closest to us (and a few back-ups just incase something happens to those folks) are well aware that these most important documents have been handled, and where they can be located.

Let me say first that the majority of people in healthcare professionals are good hardworking compassionate people who do most genuinely do their best to provide you with good care! I will not sugarcoat the fact that the much less desirable group of healthcare professionals who show up to secure a paycheck, some benefits, and have adopted the policy of conserving their own life force are a very sizable group of individuals who poison the environment for other heathcare providers and those who are very much in need of care!

This group of undesirables I personally classify as “The Disciples of the Grim Reaper “are one-third of the reason for the failure of our healthcare system. I hold “We The People” who are the ones responsible for the ultimate decision-making of who we elect to govern these most crucial decisions regarding a system we will all face eventually in one facet or another, as “The Sheep “. They represent the second- third who share in this massive failure of our healthcare system. The final third who I will classify as the “The Corpse Feeding Vultures” include self-serving lobbyist and insurance companies.

The equal partnership of “The Disciples of the Grim Reaper,” “The Sheep,” and “The Corpse Feeding Vultures” will in my opinion be responsible for the downfall of humanity. A disgrace that we will not be able to erase from history. This  is of course assuming we do not destroy all of humanity before we decide to regard the truth that this is not someone elses problem to solve! Make no mistake if we all continue to live by the sword, we will all also die by the sword. 😉

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A View From Every Window (G-uno)

Overwhelmed with grief, sorrow, and construction, I went for my “go to” “The Magical Vagina.” She lacks the excitement of Tequilla shots, but she’s definitely less likely to get me into trouble. The magical vagina provides excellent distractions for the those insane uncontrollable situations the universe seems hell-bent on dropping on us. Since our home looks like a bomb site the lists of things I could actually control seemed pretty enticing. Sick I know, but this has been my way of coping since early on in childhood. I can also assure you that the decade that I exchanged the “Magical Vagina” for Tequilla & drugs was a lot more exciting, but not so pretty.

Looking around at what use to be my clean, and organized home I searched for a starting point to begin my attack on the bomb site. While I wandered around in our new addition I realized our vision for our little home was starting to materialize. It almost seemed strange to stand in the new rooms that for years had only been a figment of our imaginations. I stood there looking out our new windows, and realized I had not given any thought to new views we would soon have.

When we first moved into our little home twenty-six years ago I had done exactly the same thing. I wandered around the new house staring out the windows at their particular views. That was when it hit me that unlike our first apartment we actually had some control over the views outside our windows. From that moment on I have made it a point to carefully plan what I would be looking at outside each window.

I thought about this a little longer wondering why a view from every window had such importance to me. Aside from the sense of control it provides to my often anxiety ridden personality when I am confronted with uncertainty, it also fills me with the joy that I feel when I create something new. A reminder that even though the view is constantly changing, it does not mean that the new view will be any less beautiful than the old one was. 😉

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Infinite Points In Time, Is There Ever Really An Ending To Life? G-uno

Time in itself is a tricky concept the dictionary defines it as a period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. So by definition if time is in itself is infinite, is there really ever an ending? My Son said “There is no ending of time only an ending of people’s stories in time.” I think that he is on to something there, the trickery of time is the point where someone starts the proverbial clock and the point where they choose to stop the clock.

Robert Frost said “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” I personally subscribe to the idea that only particular parts of time come to what we describe as “The End”.  Blahpolar in a post stated ” The thing about death is that it’s so final.” I think that is the part that brings us to our knees. The very realization that there is no longer time for something else is beyond devastating, and still I cannot shake the thought that to experience that depth of grief you were gifted beyond all realms of greatness with an incredible love.

In this moment of time I am going to leave you with this thought from John Rennie-” Transience and limits are at the core of our nature, and you can consider that a curse or a blessing. Our lives are less than atomic flickers on the scale of the cosmos, but they would be equally infinitesimal if they lasted 10 million times longer, and they would still be infinitely precious to us. You have the chance to enjoy some morsel of the years that the sun and stars will last. You should.” 😉

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