My Princess From India Part-1 (G-uno)

Most people dislike job interviews, personally I am completely enthralled by them. I am a personal assistant so clients hire me for very distinctive reasons. Most of my clients have already had the opportunity to access my background profile so interviews are our first chance to interact in person. I am aware that in this first face-to-face meeting they will begin by grilling me with a great deal of carefully thought out questions, and while they are intent on analyzing my responses I know that the decision on whether to hire me or not will be based on their gut instinct about who they believe I am.

This is of course a two-way street because I am doing the exact same thing with them. I’m not even sure why people fill out resumes, because we all know that this detailed description of who we would like others to judge us by has been carefully prepared for the sole purpose of convincing someone to hire us. I guess the purpose is to narrow down the rather sizable amount of  people pursuing a particular position by seeing who does the best job of self advertising. When you really think about it, that kind of logic is shaky at best. Truth be told rarely are my clients or their distinctive needs anything remotely like their written representation. This is exactly the reason I find first interviews so enthralling!

My interview with my Princess from India’s mother was surprisingly different from any other interview I had ever been a part of before. In text she had stated that being a full-time student, wife, and mother required much more energy than she possessed, and that she was in desperate need of a personal assistant, I understood immediately that this position was much more involved than her own self advertisement had protrayed. 😉


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