My Princess From India Part- 2 (G-uno)

I found the humor in our first interview right from the start because she asked me to meet with her at a Mc Donalds close to her residence. Most clients choose to meet in a public place ,but knowing how sacred the cow is in India I couldn’t help but be amused at this particular choice.

I arrived fifteen minutes prior to our meeting time. I make it a point to be a little early for future clients, it let’s them know from the start that I take my interviews very seriously. Not to mention I enjoy watching them enter the room, it gives me a good sense of their demeanor. She was tall and slender with short dark hair. Her eyes stood out immediately they were large, round, brown, and full of apprehension. I stood up and smiled and that was when I first saw my little “Indian Princess.”

The princess unlike her Mother was bursting with excitement scanning every detail of her new surroundings, ready to let go of her Mother’s hand to begin her own little investigation. She was also tall for her age, very slender, with the same large, round, brown eyes, but her eyes were filled with confidence, not even the slightest bit of apprehension. She was very intense and immediately noticed that her Mother was looking at me.

I introduced myself first to the mother, and then I knelt down to my two-year old princess to make our introduction. The Princess was already sizing me up for her own evaluation of who I was, while Mom nervously watched. I was struck by the quick intelligence of this two-year old. She was smart decisive and not at all interested in a sit down interview. I could tell she had not been to this Mc Donalds before and was anxious to explore.

She darted off quickly, and out of instinct I followed her. Mom was embarrassed by her inability to get the princess to follow her directions. I assured her that it was not a problem for me to watch the princess while answering any of the questions she had prepared for me. Mom relented, and began to follow me as I followed the “Princess.” This was how our most intriguing interview began. 😉


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