From Christmas Bells To Wedding Bells (G-uno)

Our baby girl is planning her wedding, and I will be the first to admit that I may not be the best person for this job, as I chose to go to the beach with my now husband rather than going to have my hair done the morning of our wedding. The truth is that for our big day I only had a strong opinion about four details. I picked out my groom, I wore my Mother’s gown, the date, and I carried a bouquet of my favorite flowers light pink carnations.

The date was actually a joint decision with my husband. We both wanted the same month, but my husband’s favorite number was 2, and mine was the number 3 so we compromised, and married on the 23rd. This actually fell on a weekday but we stuck to the date anyway. I will admit this threw off a lot of our guests, but most embraced the idea as a perfect excuse to take the day off from work.

My own family was unable to attend except for one uncle on my Greek side, but due to the size of my husband’s family we ended up with over 200 guests. My husbands parents are divorced so his Mother’s side of the family actually sat on my side (the Bride’s side) of the church. My father had asked my Mother-in-law’s father to give me away in his place. I very much loved this man and he was a great choice! I was a 19-year-old bride marrying a 20-year-old groom and neither of us knew a single thing about planning a wedding. As the other women in my husband’s family fussed, argued, and planned we ran around in our tiny garage apartment living life as we usually did. We didn’t even own a car. We rode our bicycle everywhere including to the beach the morning of our wedding.

We were almost late for our big day! My husband’s grandfather was highly amused by our lack of concern regarding the event, and all the necessary details. I dressed at his home, and when I arrived (thirty minutes before we were to leave for the church) everyone else had been dressing for hours, hair, nails, beautiful clothes, and they were frantic that I would not be ready in time. I ran a curling iron through my hair. I slipped into my dress, put on some masscara, some chapstick, slipped on my garter, and shoes walked out of the room exclaiming I was ready to go! He defended my right to approach my impending nuptials all the way to the church saying that as the bride I had every right not to follow standard wedding protocol.

He secretly loved the fact that we simply were not bound by any preconceived convention. He understood that our ignorance was not a form of rebellion designed to drive the others crazy. Most importantly he knew we were head over heels in love, and it was a going to be a great story to retell someday. He was absolutely right! As I have heard this story retold many times over the last thirty-two years. 😉


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  1. #1 by g2 on January 20, 2015 - 2:10 pm

    You know, I have seen a pretty consistent indication that the drive and determination to have the “perfect wedding” with the “perfect flowers” and the “perfect cake” seems to be inversely proportional to how soon they divorce. Meaning, I’ve seen many who only seem to dedicate an unending amount of time, attention, and money to every detail of a wedding that they do not give even a fraction of that level of attention to the actual marriage. I think enjoying one another from the very beginning is exactly what you should be doing. Good show!

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