Why We Read Other Blogger’s Posts (G-uno)

You can tell a great deal about Bloggers by their writing styles. Writing styles seep through our pages revealing our individuality almost in the same way that our fingerprints define us. We are alike in many ways, and uniquely individual in others. I believe that human beings find comfort in familiarity, but we are drawn to individuality.

Individuality is intriguing it provides us with the opportunity to take a vacation from our usual thought process .Reading someone else’s perspective is a lot like visiting a new place.The view is fresh and full of possibility. A chance to laugh, adopt a new insight,or simply enjoy something created by a fellow human being whose intent was to entertain you.

Sometimes we read another Bloggers post as a form of educating ourselves. We improve our own techniques by discerning what draws us in as a reader to someone else’s post. Over time we form a bond. We discover that we have developed a deep sense of admiration. We look forward to  their posts. Finally we adopt their posts as a part of our daily rituals. Some bloggers actually make your coffee taste better. 😉


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  1. #1 by innerdragon on January 21, 2015 - 5:17 am

    I enjoy getting to live vicariously through others’ writings. 🙂

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on January 21, 2015 - 12:01 pm

      I completely agree with you,there are some amazing writers out there! G-uno

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