The Unspoken Truth Part-1 (G-uno)

Have you ever wondered why people in the medical field are the very first to handle their end of life issues regarding their healthcare? Why they are usually the first to make sure their durable power of attorney, also known as a health care proxy, and living wills are firmly in place? I can assure you that most of us even take the extra added measure of making sure the people closest to us (and a few back-ups just incase something happens to those folks) are well aware that these most important documents have been handled, and where they can be located.

Let me say first that the majority of people in healthcare professionals are good hardworking compassionate people who do most genuinely do their best to provide you with good care! I will not sugarcoat the fact that the much less desirable group of healthcare professionals who show up to secure a paycheck, some benefits, and have adopted the policy of conserving their own life force are a very sizable group of individuals who poison the environment for other heathcare providers and those who are very much in need of care!

This group of undesirables I personally classify as “The Disciples of the Grim Reaper “are one-third of the reason for the failure of our healthcare system. I hold “We The People” who are the ones responsible for the ultimate decision-making of who we elect to govern these most crucial decisions regarding a system we will all face eventually in one facet or another, as “The Sheep “. They represent the second- third who share in this massive failure of our healthcare system. The final third who I will classify as the “The Corpse Feeding Vultures” include self-serving lobbyist and insurance companies.

The equal partnership of “The Disciples of the Grim Reaper,” “The Sheep,” and “The Corpse Feeding Vultures” will in my opinion be responsible for the downfall of humanity. A disgrace that we will not be able to erase from history. This  is of course assuming we do not destroy all of humanity before we decide to regard the truth that this is not someone elses problem to solve! Make no mistake if we all continue to live by the sword, we will all also die by the sword. 😉


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