For The Love Of G2 (G-uno)

WordPress hosts some truly great writers! I rarely even think about watching t.v. or picking up a newspaper these days, instead I find myself running to the computer to see what you all are posting! G2 is my blogging partner, and without doubt possesses one of my most favorite writing styles. Hopefully this doesn’t translate as rude boasting, my intention here is to explain how we ended up with our little blog on this site.

I have always been fascinated by what other people write and say. Humans are interesting creatures, some of course more than others. 😉 The fact that someone would sit down, and take the time to organize their thoughts in writing appeals to me on so many levels. Reading what someone else has written is a lot like looking at a piece of art. It’s be said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” something I do agree with, writing is equally powerful because regardless of the author’s intention, the words written have the power to provoke a great array of influence with endless possibilities.

I myself am a “Nube” in many ways, truly a beginner when we are referring to writing, and most definitely the “Cyber World”! In fact I have only had a Facebook  page for a little over a year. G2 is the opposite, completely equipped with computer savvy, and highly capable in the “Cyber World.” We met through a mutual person, and I was immediately struck by G2’s thinking process. G2 is straightforward in both words and thought. If you speak with G2 in person you can actually see G2’s eyes scanning your face in order to completely process the words coming from your mouth. G2 is highly intelligent, empathetic, artistic, an intense personality with the unique ability to make a huge impression in the room without overpowering everyone elses presence.

I approached G2 with the idea of writing together, and G2 flew into action and set up our blog “Idioglossia.” The name of our blog came from the creative mind of G2. You might find it interesting to know that we do not live in the same state. We have only had one phone call conversation about our blog. We do not consult each other on the subject matter of our posts. We never know what the other will write about until we check our blog site. We do not share our blog with our friends or family members because we both wanted honest unbiased feedback regarding our writing styles. We are both completely humbled by the fact that so many fantastic WordPress bloggers have taken the time to read our posts. We continue to read, enjoy, and learn from your posts, so for those of you who are uncertain about the purpose your writing serves, please know you do make a difference! 😉


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