for the love of G-uno (g2)

Ok, can’t let a post like that go without counter. G-uno has a way of looking at people that can make them feel like superheros. Its kind of her superpower. She may claim its The Magical Vagina(tm) but in actuality its just magical because of her. No matter how irrational or complex you think you are or feel about something, she has this way of simplifying things in a way that makes you go, “huh… wtf was I just bitching about? That’s easy to resolve.”

We have a common element who was pivotal in our meeting. Ironic considering they have no idea we’ve gone and done a blog together and would likely be shocked if they ever found out. But we wanted a safe haven for the verbal diarrhea that we could never unlock in our conventional lives. The catalyst to us even meeting was that we were both sources of guidance for this person. G-uno was usually the first stop, but if said person didn’t really like the advice given, I was normally the next stop. After hearing, “DAMNIT, that’s the same fucking thing G-uno said!” about a hundred times, I had to say I was rather intrigued. Apparently, G-uno had been hearing the same things about me. We had vastly different lives, different states and stages of life, our views were sometimes extremely contrasting, but somehow our advice to our common element just seemed to mirror the other, sometimes even verbatim.

We’ve now known one another for years, and out of the blue I get a message from G-uno asking if I’d ever thought about writing a blog. Ironically, I had been toying with the idea for quite some time and just had not taken the initiative to do so, thinking I just did not have the time to make it worth visiting. It was one of those conversations that kind of go like:

G:”hey I know we haven’t talked in like a year, but have you ever thought about doing a…”

g:”yes I have! let’s do it, we need to come up with a name but let’s run with it, but I…”

G:”yeah, I don’t think we should tell anyone we know either…think they’d get pissed?”

g:”probably. Care?”


And I’m only slightly exaggerating. There just seems to be this common wavelength we’ve been able to tap into when necessary.

We wanted it to be unfettered, not bound by stereotypes or prejudices and we remained hopeful for the future interaction of those who decided we were worthy of reading. We wanted to know their stories, we wanted them to exist and be in a way that you cannot have when you know a person in real life, where they live and work and what they are “normally” like. If you were a high-level powerhouse who secretly liked being spanked by circus carnies and little people (I really have no idea what the hell is PR now), we wanted to hear why that worked for you and why you would feel so secretive about such a thing. If you were the picture of happiness but felt cold and dead inside, we wanted to know, we wanted to listen to the things you couldn’t tell your family without crushing them, and we would send you all the virtual hugs, silent but listening ears or words of encouragement you wanted. At some point, I’m hoping it does move more towards interactive than just us posting, though I doubt that will ever go away either.

For those who do not know, I leave comments open, I don’t require logins to comment. I’m hoping this doesn’t welcome the trolls, but I also didn’t want to lock out someone who wanted to reach out with anonymity either. I think sometimes we have just a second of bravery, and I didn’t want that crap waiting for me to approve it through admin. I did put a chat up as well, but I see it as a work in progress in which it will adapt to suit. Of course, comments and questions are welcome.


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  1. #1 by idioglossiablog on February 6, 2015 - 1:00 am

    Thank you G2 for the really sweet words, and for reaffirming our original intention for our blog. It’s completely my honor! G-uno

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