The Sound Of Pain (G-uno)

Most people equate crying with the sound of pain. Some people would say screams or wailing, sounds that seem to originate deeply inside a person. For me the sound of pain is silence. The deepest pain seems to reside in the deepest depths of silence. A place so deep it can not climb to the porthole of where screams, wailing, or cries escape.

Some people live their lives in continuous forms of physical pain. Ours is a society that will most generously acknowledge that kind of pain. For those people we show infinite amounts of empathy, and we should. We should also evolve to a level where we are capable of recognizing pain that can not seen with the physical eye. Pain that can only be seen with mind’s eye.

People who suffer from within tortured by feelings and emotions they are powerless to control. The kind of pain that inflicts shame, confusion, self-hatred and blame. These are the souls who try to explain the unexplainable to those who could not possibly understand. These are the people who are so weakened by their pain that they can not face the possibility of facing someone’s judgement, or even worse their disbelief.

The sound of their excruciating pain is silence. Once you have heard this sound of inaudible pain you may find yourself deafened by it’s incredible loudness. 😉


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