Little Man’s Valentine Request (G-uno)

Little Man and I share a special bond, he is a superhero whose superpower is Autism. Until very recently I was his Super Hero Activity Assistant. I’m proud to tell you that he has done so extraordinarily well that he no longer requires having an assistant. His baby brother (age 2) is struggling with some issues of his own so I am currently his assistant. This is something that does not sit well with Little Man.

Yesterday The Baby and I were returning home from his therapy, and while I was helping him get out of his car seat I felt a gentle tap on my arm. Little Man who always comes out to greet us, and by greet us I mean inspect to make sure that The Baby is not receiving any attention that clearly should only be given to him. I can see that Little Man has something on his mind and is searching for just the right wording before he speaks.

I smile at him asking him about his day. He is clearly in no mood for small talk and blurts out “Why does The Baby have a Valentine’s Day gift?” I tell Little Man that The Baby’s therapist gave him this present for completing all of his tasks in his session. Then I remind him that this was something she also did for him before he graduated from therapy. I can see from the expression on his face that he is still bothered by something even though he is acknowledging that he does remembers this.

I smile at him again this time asking him if he wants to talk about anything else. His face changes to a very stern look, and he begins to tell me whats on his mind. He starts with is lack of appreciation for the fact that I have moved The Baby’s car seat into the space where his use to be. He is also unhappy about the fact that I attended Big Brother’s honors award ceremony. He is upset that Saturday is Valentines Day, and I have not yet given him his Valentines Day surprise!

At this point I am feeling very badly that he is so upset by the many changes that have come about in his little corner of the world. I am also annoyed with myself for forgetting Valentine’s Day. February is always a strange month for me. Truth be told I hate this month! I have also been very preoccupied with all the craziness in my corner of the world and obviously dropped the ball with Little Man. I explained to him that the reason I moved The Baby’s car seat into his spot was so  that I could see him better while I was driving. I told him the only reason I went to Big Brother’s award ceremony was because neither of his parents could be there. Then I take his little hands into mine, and I tell him I am sorry. I explain that my life has been a little hectic and that even though I had forgotten that Saturday was Valentines Day I could never forget him. Then I ask him if there is anything I can do to make this up to him.

Little Man who is sweet by nature and smiling at me he says” It’s okay I forgive you it’s only Wednesday so we aren’t late yet for Valentines Day. We can still do something special! How about a Valentines Day date? You could give me a surprise then.” I tell him that’s a great idea, and that I could pick him (and only him) up on Friday so he doesn’t have to go to after care. He very much liked this idea, but I can see that he still has something on his mind.

He looks up at me again this time taking my hands into his and says “And can you get The Baby’s car seat out of my spot?” 😉


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