valentine’s traditions (g2)

I have been hearing a lot of hatred about the Valentine’s holiday lately, usually from the single, the divorced and begrudgingly attached. Even though I have been married and had a few relationships that have crossed over a few of these things, I really couldn’t tell you even one memory of the holiday before spawn. I don’t remember a lot since spawn either actually, but I don’t have any particular animosity for the holiday.

I remember one year I got together with some friends and we tried a new place that had opened up in the area and it was the first time since becoming a parent I had to wear clean pants, the napkins weren’t disposable and packs of offspring weren’t running around screaming. I also got to interact with people my own age, spawn being at an age where being able to “dress up” and choose what they were going to wear was still novel.

My tradition with spawn for Valentine’s was usually just a small toy and some candy that I would have stashed in their backpack so they would find it at random times when they went to retrieve items out of it while they were in school. With the holiday hitting a weekend, I gave it to them a day early. With their interest in anime and manga, I’d actually gotten an oversized kitsune plush and chocolate sticks with things like caramel and popcorn.

My mother used to give me such lovely gifts of cards that mocked my solitude, a mug, or ugly red and white socks with hearts all over it. I did mention my hair color changed like a kaleidoscope and I pretty much embraced the 125,000 shades of black right?

Yeah, I totally wore those bitches.

Spawn stole them when they were in the “bright colors are pimp” phase of development but I am pretty sure they will plead ignorance if I asked about them today.

I have to wonder though…. why is there such extreme emotional responses to this one holiday?

I still cannot relate to the people who seem to devote every shred of money and effort into creating the “perfect wedding.” I personally think they have their priorities completely backwards. I guess on a holiday like this one, I tend to believe that if your relationship really is going well, should this one day be what stands out as singularly wonderful for the entirely of it? If so, why? Last I checked there were 363 other days that I would also like to think of as pretty damn great when I’m with someone. If it was just this one that stuck out to me, there is likely a reason I didn’t stick with them.

How do you guys feel about Valentine’s? What traditions do you have?


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  1. #1 by Polysyllabic Profundities on February 13, 2015 - 9:04 pm

    I like to believe that the feeling Valentines Day is meant to conjure should be celebrated year round. 🙂

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