Sending Cupid’s Arrow (G-uno)

The heart wants what the heart wants! In honor of the day set aside for Love I have decided to honor it in my own way. I prefer to view it as a day that honors all kinds of love, after all exclusion isn’t a very loving sentiment. 😉 It would be impossible to list everyone, and everything that I love. I view this as a good thing, but If I were able to send out a batch of my own Cupid’s arrows I would certainly dip them with a bit of the following…

  • Humor- I find few things in life to be even the slightest bit more wonderful than the ability to laugh from deep within.
  • Great Conversations- the kind that stay in your mind long after the words have been spoken.
  • Possibilty- the idea that almost anything can happen keeps life fresh.
  • Delicious Foods- rich in flavor so perfectly combined that the idea of drinking something and removing their taste from your mouth would be a kind of blasphemy.
  • Dark Coffee & Desert- hot ,bold, and soothing along with something of the complete opposite of sweetness to strike a perfect balance.
  • Serenity- moments of complete peace.
  • Favorite Surroundings- old favorites or new ones depending on your mood.
  • Indulgence- of anything that  brings you your heart’s desire.

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