The Sound Of The Key In The Door (G-uno)

He knows she lies there awake waiting ,

for the sound of the key to turn in the door.

A sound she fears will not occur.

 She leaves on a small light so that if she falls asleep

from the pure exhaustion of waiting for the sound of the key

to turn in the door it will let her know he is there.

Sometimes the sound of the key never comes,

and the small light continues to light the room.

Her mind slips to deepest darkest corners,

the thought that maybe this time there will not be the

relief of seeing his face again.

Sometimes she hears the key turn in the door.

It takes her mind to a different place of darkness.

He slumbers in like an ungraceful bear,

trying ever so hard not to be noticed.

Facing her ends the illusion that he has gone unnoticed.

It brings them both to a place they have visited way too many times before.

A place where her desires are of no equal to his.

Each time the key turns, or the the light dims,

there is a small sense of relief.

Followed by the reality that she will meet this fate again,

when the next night comes.


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