For Awkward/Funny Moments (G-uno)

Social experiment straight from the creative mind of g2. Baffledbaboon asked us about awkward, or funny moments so this is one of mine. For the other bloggers out there who have not had the pleasure of reading baffledbaboon’s blog, you are absolutely missing out on an epic blog.

My son was a very particular toddler. He had an intense dislike for anything dirty, or gross. For example another child in his preschool class carried around a large white rag which he used to blow his nose with, it was like a large white cloth “snot rag”. In all fairness it was pretty gross by all standards. My son avoided that “giant snot rag” like it was the plague!

My kids attended a religious preschool so every Wednesday morning was chapel day. On one particular morning the young man who carried the “giant snot rag” happened to be seated next to my son. We were asked to stand up for morning prayer. So many of us would place our hands along the backside of the pew in front of us. On this morning the young man’s “giant snot rag” touched my son’s hand!

So out loud in his most disgusted little 3-year-old voice he screams out “Jesus Christ get that thing off of me!” That’s right, out loud in the middle of prayer, while the entire school sat in chapel. Every student and teacher turned to look at the mother of the blasphemous toddler! Let me also mention that I worked as an aide in this preschool! 😉

Thank you baffledbaboon for participating in our little social experiment!


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  1. #1 by baffledbaboon on March 26, 2015 - 4:38 pm

    Hah! That’s great! Thanks for sharing.

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