She Hasn’t Learned to Love Herself (G-uno)

She is intelligent, beautiful, kind, and all of her wonderful qualities are negated by the fact that she has not learned to love herself. Somewhere along her journey she told herself that she wasn’t enough, and she has spent every single day since then embracing that lie. She doesn’t know that it’s possible to be complete on her own. She has developed a pattern of self-destruction that she is unable to see. It’s a pattern that is easily seen by every “Player” personality on the planet.

She starts every conquest in the exact same way. Sex is her lure, she feels empowered by its ability to draw someone in, never seeing that it’s a strong signal that implies she feels that her sexuality is the only way she can attract another person. The “Player” will take the sex she is offering fully understanding that once this occurs she will falsely believe that she has entered into a new relationship. She will falsely convince herself that she is controlling the encounter, never realizing she has just given the “Player” complete control over all future encounters.

She will continue to secure her false sense of power with one erotic sexual encounter after another. The “Player” will gladly use her sexual bravado as a tool that will eventually be used to help her degrade herself. A sort of insurance policy to secure having a spare around until they find someone else of more interest, or they get tired of pretending that the encounters will lead to an actual relationship. It’s an ideal situation for the “Player” satisfying their sexual needs without any commitments. They always have the argument that they didn’t manipulate her for the sex, she freely offered it from the beginning.

She lives with unconscious thoughts of unworthiness. She has never taken the time to get to know who she really is, she is frightened by the unanswered question. Ironically it’s an answer that is completely within her control, but first she has to see that she hasn’t learned to love herself. 😉


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