Auto-Obituaries Part-1 (G-uno)

“Lived life-like I was blindfolded, walking backwards in a dark room full of buckets. I regret nothing.” g2 How’s that for an “Auto-Obituary?” I personally think that it’s a masterpiece written by partner-in-blog. Ever since the utterly wonderful 82 year-old Maude turned me into her personal secretary to script out her own “Auto-Obituary” ( Another really awesome masterpiece) I have been thinking about what I would write for mine.

Maude’s went like this- “I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania a long-ass time ago. I had wonderful parents, and siblings. I enjoyed my childhood, and got into more mischief than most. I married a man who made me laugh every single day for 51 years. I was always a little sad that we never had children, but I was always surrounded by good family, and friends. Everything else is none of your damn business.” If you’re a little curious about Maude you may want to check out our post “Some Things Are Just None Of Our Damn Business“.

I love the idea that the last thing written about our lives should be authored by no one else except ourselves. Who could be more accurate than the person who lived that life. Then this lead me to the thought that we should also “Auto-Epitaph.” Giving ourselves the ultimate final word, after all who doesn’t love having the final say. Okay I see I just gave away the content of my part-2 post “Auto-Epitaph.” Don’t worry I’m aware that many others have already done both of these tasks, but I’m approaching this from the perspective that it’s something I personally have never done.

So after a great deal of thought this is my “Auto-Obit”-

Looking back on my life I realize that it was filled with both unexpected, and planned moments.

The surprise was that each brought me to conclusions that could only ever be experienced by me,

and the truth is that each moment whether guided by me, or fated by the stars has meant more to

than I will ever be able to put into words. I think it’s great thing that most of life is an uncertainty, because

it let’s us decide the things that we can uniquely deem to have been the best moments in our lives.

It would take me a lifetime to name them all, but I would like to leave you with a few of my personal favorites.

Great loves, unforgettable conversations, laughing so hard that your stomach aches, staring deeply into the eyes of those who speak to you, eating grapes and Feta cheese simultaneously, reading the written words of another person, making love until you can no longer physically continue, planting flowers and gardens,walks in the mountains, or along beaches, playing in the rain or running through sprinklers, collecting rocks from every place you visit, holding your children in your arms, first kisses, the sound of trains passing along the tracks, catching lightning bugs in a jar, family dinners, sitting on the porch reliving moments of days gone by, knowing that each, and every person you met along the way was worth knowing, sleeping naked, being loved unconditionally, singing your favorite song out loud at the top of your lungs, painting,writing, coffee, and watching movies together early in the morning, being someones person in this life, moments spent alone, being someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, caretaker, or being someones wife, being a Mom …

God, how Lucky was I to have been me. 😉



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