everything I need to know about sexism, ageism, racism, or sizism i learned from the sims (g2)

So for those who are not aware, The Sims, is a simulation game. You create… people. They do life stuff, create friendships, get jobs, earn money, have relationships, marry, have children and even die. You are given enough goals and achievements to remind you that its still a game, but all in all, you can pretty much do anything you want. At least within the confines of the game. Unless you’re a mod junkie that I am, but that’s for another time.

When my kid first started playing The Sims, which was Sims 3, I didn’t get the appeal. At the time and the age, Spawn could spend two hours customizing an avatar and exactly fifteen minutes doing any actual gameplay. This was a game where the kid could pretty much do nothing but an entire day of character customization only. For me, Spawn not being bored with a game and griping at me to do something about it was enough for me.

Of course, we are close, when we’re not at school and at work, we even share a desk. So watching Spawn play The Sims became some of my biggest sources of entertainment. The game will generate random people for you to interact with, alongside the ones you create and your sim is driven by their own will based on the personality traits you create, so you really don’t have to constantly oversee them.

Watching my kid get pulled into a fist fight… hilarious. Watching as Spawn mastered building their first epic house, very cool. First time I had to define what “woohoo” meant (yes, they actually call it that), also hilarious. I scoffed when having a baby was just a sparkle & twirl and “voila,” screaming baby maggot thing (they have them bundled, they look like pink and blue maggots). Watching my kid bawl over the death of the first sim they made was heartbreaking.

So I tried it. I wanted to see what they would do. I made an avatar that looked much like mother, gave her a hot-headed and romantic personality (I forget what else) and sent her off. I watched as she chased a kid down the street so she could wail on his ass for something they said. I wasn’t paying attention to what was said though. I’m pretty sure I was doing other stuff, but what I did observe was this:

Sims do not care about another sim’s color, gender, age (within reason) or size. They will fight like crazy with another sim who conflicts with their personality and not give two shits about making enemies. In contrast, they will flirt like crazy with a sim who has traits that align with their own regardless of the size, color or more surface considerations. I noticed it didn’t have to be identical, but complementary certainly causes much excitement. The Sims 3 randomized gender preferences as well, which meant that a perfectly symmetrical, fit, rich sim would never make it out of the friend zone if the sim they flirted with had a strong preference for the other gender, no matter how much their personalities were in tune.

It made me wonder… why do we as a species not work more like these guys do? You can pretty much assume that every single introduction you come across will be met with at least a quick and subtle lookover. You’re being gauged, and you’re most certainly being judged. “Gossip” may be an interaction you can do in The Sims, but it sure as hell does ruin the lives of other sims with soured relationships from heresay.

Unless modded or hacked, a sim born of a certain personality is not going to align themselves with someone who is vastly different than themselves, personality-wise and only personality-wise. Just because one is “hotter” than another, if they are completely wrong inside, they are skipped. Of course, like likes like. Two evil sims get on quite well. But if left to their own, you will end up with pairings where one is thin, dark, fit, and rich and the other is so large as to be considered round, much older, pale, and unemployed and they will be two peas in a pod. They also stay in a happy mood more often (an ongoing goal in the sims).

Novel idea isn’t it? Like people who are more like you, make firm enemies with those you don’t like, it wastes less time for both of you. If it’s not your fight, walk past it. If it is your fight, own it. It they are everything you wanted on the inside, maybe what’s on the outside needs a really close look with some inner sight instead. For fuck’s sake, why force yourself to be with them just because they’re pretty? Or why spend so much effort try to be friends with them and/or competing with them, when they don’t really like you either?

2 thoughts on “everything I need to know about sexism, ageism, racism, or sizism i learned from the sims (g2)

  1. I’ve never played Sims 3. I had the entire compliment of Sims 2 games and expansion packs. I also had every hack possible and once, just t see if it if I could do it, I used a hack to make an entire neighborhood of men who got pregnant. It was hilarious to watch a male sim waddle down the street in a maternity tee..:)

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