My Sister Doesn’t Want Me To Use Her Famous Goat Picture (G-uno)

On our way back from the cemetery my Mom,and I were discussing buying some beautiful farmland another part of our little ritual. My sister was trying to sleep pretending that we did not just have a picnic with our dead Dad. We live in a large city, and our mother is an avid gardener so she likes to discuss on our long drive back how she would buy the land, and grow enormous amounts of food. I am a lover of goats so I tell her instead of  raising cattle we will raise goats. Since I couldn’t possibly eat my wonderful goats we will start an organic Feta cheese business.

Mom who grew up tending water buffalo in the rice patties of Southeast Asia agreed that she would prefer to raise goats. Inside I am completely amused because I know my sister who is pretending to sleep to avoid being drug into this conversation for the 100th time is listening to every word. So I add a little more to our story as Mom is happily surveying all the possibilities for the lush green land outside her backseat car window.

So I tell my mother that we should all have our own matching golf carts to ride around on our property with so we can keep up with whats going on with each of us. Next I tell Mom that we will use my sister’s famous goat picture on the label of our Feta cheese products. At this point my sister speaks up and says “I don’t want to have matching golf carts, and I definitely don’t want to known as the Feta cheese girl!” Mom and I burst into laughter.

My sister who is hands down one of my most favorite people in the world, is not the get dirty in the garden type like we are. She does not dig in the dirt, and she is not going to ride around in her golf cart with one of my goats in the passenger side. My sister is petite like Mom, a natural-born girly girl. She knows about all the current fashions. Her nails are impeccably done, and I am sure she secretly believes that there was some mix-up at the hospital which landed her smack dab into the middle of our little Hillbilly clan.

On our imaginary farm she would be found in an exquisite self designed cabin overlooking the waterfront, with a kitchen that would be the envy of all great chefs. She is an amazing cook. She collects cookbooks, often travels alone to other countries, is a huge animal lover who unlike me prefers them to people. Mostly because they don’t speak. My sister much like g2  is very happy to escape all social situations after a certain amount of time to retreat to the peace, and quiet of her own home.

The famous goat picture was one that I took of her while we were vacationing on Stone Mountain. We took my children who were very young to a petting zoo. There was one very animated goat who seemed to particularly love being photographed, so I took individual pictures of everyone with this comical goat. When it was my sister’s turn, she in her very dainty way posed next to the goat. Her knees slightly bent, hands on her lap and the goat seemed to take full notice of her. Just as I was about to take their picture the goat leaned in as if it were a human being, and posed face to face with my sister!

So in this picture you can clearly see that my sister perfectly posed, is humorously surprised, and the goat has a very human like almost smiling look upon it’s face which is posed cheek to cheek with her’s. This is one of my most favorite pictures in the world! It hangs proudly in our living room. My sister is beautiful, and I have many beautiful pictures of her elegantly dressed. So I know in her mind I have chosen to display this picture to appease my particular type of humor. I will admit to you that it does amuse me to no end. However I did not display this picture to “get her goat” I just love pictures that have the ability to transport you back to favorite moments in time. 😉


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  1. #1 by Jay on April 22, 2015 - 12:39 am

    I adore this post. What a lovely story. It really brings us right into the heart of your family.

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on April 22, 2015 - 11:09 am

      Thanks so much! We are an eclectic bunch, never a dull moment. We are enjoying your blog as well. G-uno

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