Are You Your Parent’s Favorite Kid? ( G-uno)

This is a subject that I suspect all families talk about maybe even argue about. It’s something my family does a lot! I know your not suppose to have favorites, especially when it comes to your kids, but I can guarantee you most of us do! I remember watching a movie once where the Mom had taken each of her kids aside, and made them promise her not to tell their siblings that they were her “Favorite” child. In the movie the Mom passes away, and one by one each child reveals that Mom made them promise not to tell, but they were her “Favorite” kid.

If you ask me it was a pretty stellar idea! It was hilarious to see the reactions of each kid when they realized what Mom had done. It kind of makes you wonder if she thought each one would keep her special secret going through life proudly knowing they were the chosen one, or did she have an epic sense of humor relishing the thought that her little angels would not keep her secret, amused by the idea of the self humbling moment when they realized Mom was quite the character.

Either way I have to say I like it! It drives our Mom crazy when we all fight over who is the favorite with each parent. My vote still lies with the “Grill Cheese Brother.” This would anger our baby brother, but he gets the title of being our Dad’s favorite. I of course proclaim that I am both of their favorites just because I’m the oldest, and I know that it makes them all second guess the situation. This amuses me! My husband is both of his parent’s “Favorite” child, and this does not amuse my sister or brother-in-law at all! His parent’s are not good at hiding the one thing a parent should hide from their kids. This also amuses me!

Now before you all form some serious judgments out there about this “Favorite” kid thing let me just say as a parent the truth is we don’t actually favor one child over another (go ahead breathe a secret sigh of relief), but we do favor certain characteristics in each child. Yes, I know all the only children out there who have never had to share the wealth between your parents affections are feeling a little smug, so here’s a little something to keep your ego in check. Your parents have things they dislike about your personality. Yep, that’s right being the only child does not exclude you from that club.

As for all the skeptics out there who think I’m about to pander to my kids egos please keep in mind my blog is a secret that g2, and I decided to keep from our families & friends so I can dish all the truth I want. I will tell you both one my favorite things about each of my kids, and one my not so favorite things about them.

Let’s start with my oldest my Daughter.One my favorite things about her is that she ALWAYS tells the truth! I know you think no one always tells the truth, but this kid is really different. Example- once a neighbor called to tell me she had refused to follow her request, and proceeded to issue some rather choice profanities. I always ask my children their side of any issue before I decide to deal with them, so I asked her if she had done this. She said yes I did, and I also said this to her… She knew she would be punished, but simply refused to back down on her stance! I had such a hard time punishing someone who would always straight-up tell you what they had done wrong in spite of the consequences. She is one of those rare souls who lives her life on her own terms. One of my least favorite things about her is that she can be relentless once she has made up her mind about something. I’m talking about being immovable like a mountain!

My Son is my baby. One of my favorite things about him is openness to experiencing new things with incredible tenacity! We are talking super-sized tenacity. Example- once he decided he was going to run a full marathon (Century Marathon, in New York), we are talking about 26.2 miles. The thing you need to know is that he had never run a marathon before in his entire 21 years of life! No training, and had never ran more that 5 miles distance collectively. He goes to New York, and takes 2nd place in his age category! He has always been the kind of person who sets his mind to do something, and then he does it. He lives his life wide open, with no fear of failure. One of my least favorite things about him is procrastination towards the details in his life that bore him. He will put those details off to the very last second!

I could bore you with endless lists of my favorite, and not-so- favorite things that make each of my kids my “Favorite” the lists are endless. The one detail I want you to know is that being their Mom has absolutely been my “Favorite.” 😉


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  1. #1 by baffledbaboon on April 30, 2015 - 5:17 pm

    You’re not supposed to have a favourite child. But I think it’s human nature to have a favourite. I know that I am my father’s favourite kid. But my older sister is my mother’s favourite. I’m okay with this. 🙂

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on April 30, 2015 - 5:41 pm

      You are obviously a lot more secure than most. 😉 I think it’s human nature to bond with certain others based on things we admire. Thanks for weighing in on the subject! We love your blog! G-uno

  2. #4 by Jay on April 30, 2015 - 5:43 pm

    Aw, that’s so sweet. Of course it’s natural for parents to have favourites, and no matter how well they think they hide it, the kids always seem to know it.

    • #5 by idioglossiablog on April 30, 2015 - 5:53 pm

      Thank you! I appreciate your insight. We are enjoying your posts! G-uno

    • #6 by g2 on May 1, 2015 - 3:11 am

      I dunno, I had a bad habit at work of overcompensating. What I mean is that I was a supervisor at prior job, and there were a couple of my subordinates who I was very close to, long before my promotion. I was harder on them at work than anyone else, just so no one would feel I was giving preferential treatment.

      I only have the one kid, so I resort to mental mind games when they are driving me crazy. After one particular nasty outburst, we finally got home and I was just done. I pulled my kid close, looked them dead in the eye and said “you know, I really do like you a lot better than my other children.” The look on their (four? three year old?) face was priceless.

      Spawn still refers to their missing siblings to this day.

      I think some parents are lot better as playing distraction so they never have to answer that.

      • #7 by idioglossiablog on May 1, 2015 - 10:51 am

        LOL My husband use to tell our kids “You know my other kids are better listeners.” They always walked away with a look of uncertainty. 😉 Nothing wrong with provoking a little thought. G-uno

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