Discouraging Blunder Reward aka Encouraging Thunder Award

We would like to thank Blahpolar for nominating us for the Discouraging Blunder Reward (Encouraging Thunder Award, G-uno ;)). We are huge fans of her Blog! If you want to raise your I.Q. on a daily basis then you should definitely read her posts (I call it a roller coaster of words and sensory input not to be missed!)! She is an extraordinary, creative writer who is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness towards mental illnesses. The goal of this reward is to show some love to other Bloggers by visiting the other nominees sites. Of course properly thank the Blogger who has nominated you! 😉 State your reason for blogging, nominate other bloggers for the reward, and share the logo on your post.

G-uno – I have always been fascinated by other people’s perceptions, and interpretations! I am a huge fan of the truth, and blogs give a lot of lead way for people to express themselves. I also wanted to be able to openly write about my own life. It’s something g2 and I have chosen to not tell our family & friends about. The fact that it’s our little secret certainly has it’s own appeal! 😉

g2 – I’m kind of torn as to whether I like the original or BlahPolar’s adjustment, so I’m displaying both. Like G-uno said, we do this away from the knowledge of our families and friends since they are such a big part of our lives. No matter how much we love them, adore them, cherish them, sometimes you just have to let it out the dirty and ugly thoughts they might never be able to fully understand if they were able to pry in on it and it would be almost essential to edit things if anyone we knew were reading. This way we don’t. G-uno and I may be friends in the real world, but we have always respected the honesty of the other and don’t tend to get ruffled easily. I spend most every day having to work on keeping some semblance of a filter. It’s exhausting.


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