its happening again… (g2)

So I deigned to make a post about relationships and now I will get my comeuppance. This is usually when life steps in and goes “oh, liking the Sahara eh? ok…” and slinks off to giggle and plot.

I have a few hundred Facebook friends alone that are just from my school days. That’s not a brag, my graduating class was insanely large and the school even moreso. Most of these people found me. And I have to admit, I had to check my old yearbooks several times to figure out why the hell they were friending me.

It’s amazing considering in high school, I was just “weird.” Right after graduation though, I was “so cool.” I don’t know what the fuck changed, I sure as hell didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a few close friends and a wide pool of acquaintances. A few of these acquaintances had been in my school life since I was four, so even if we didn’t exactly hang, I would have had their back whenever. It wasn’t until my ten year reunion, I heard one of these souls respond to some observation about me being “funny” and “cool,” with “they’ve always been like that, you just didn’t bother to notice.”

I admit, I got a bit teary… but the beer mugs were excessively large so I was able to hide it behind a large “gulp” and yawn it off. You really never know what people think about you until they aren’t aware you’re listening.

With that said, I stayed at the ten year reunion for exactly one hour and quickly left. I didn’t go to the twenty year or any others in-between. I hadn’t been to my hometown in eight of those ten years when I did go. Most of those who went to reunions were not people I wanted to reunite with.

I will say it was a former classmate with whom my kid shares genetics. It was also another classmate I told to fuck off when they tried to break into my bubble. I dated maybe one classmate while I was actually in school and if I hadn’t just said that, no one would have known. Not even Grand or my mother.

So a few days I get a private message out of the blue from the person I used to run the bookstore with in high school. We’re not sure why it was called a “bookstore,” there weren’t any books. We sold gym uniforms, paper, pencils, folders and some generic supplies to the kids.  We did this through all four lunch periods, then went to our regular classes. It was basically two hours of freaking socializing. I have no idea why the two of us were selected to run it, but we loved it… so we made damn sure we never got in trouble. My co-conspirator er bookstore manager, well they were the epitome of slut. I usually had to hear about their latest escapades and they took great relish in the next conquest.

Now, they were attractive and the opposite sex, we even had a lot to talk about when it came to books, movies and music which is one of the bigger turn-ons I have, but we were happily just friends. People who came to know both of us (we met solely from running the bookstore) occasionally asked why we never dated, but it was all more sibling-like. I think my comeback occasionally was “there’s not enough high power antibiotics for me to touch that” or they would say “I have issues with Satanic goat rituals on the Sabbath and they refuse to move it to like, a Friday.”

When they were doing a show, I showed up with a posse to fill the crowd and often got the place hopping. We started doing what friends did. When we graduated, I had no doubt they would go off and do awesome things. All the bs aside, they were very smart, well-read and talented.

They fucked off in college so much that over twenty years later they are little more than a middle aged jobless bar whore.

They found me again on Facebook and from the pictures, they were just… the phrase that comes to mind is “rode hard and put up wet” and I would add “every day for thirty damn years.” The best I could tell is they were with someone who paid the bills and spent much of their time as a useless accessory. It was so sad.

We chatted, kind of did the reader’s digest of our happenings. I could tell they were glossing over a lot of shit, but at least owned their stupid shit. Once caught up, our communication dwindled to little more than liking statuses.

Then a few days ago…. it was the same conversations of yore about movies and music but it got more in-depth, more philosophical. A couple hours later, not only are they giving me their Netflix login information so I can “check it out” but I’m having to explain to them that, due to the fact I’m a parent now, my summer months are booked up with camp schedules when they want me to run off to the next state and go to a concert with them in a couple months. I even send a snapshot of my calendar to prove this point.

I admit, I flirt out of habit. I don’t mean to… its more I’m over-sharing stuff I shouldn’t because I have no real filter, stuff many people interpret as a come-on, but hell this person should be used to me being me by now. I realize when they are giving me their cellphone number and message me almost the minute I walk in the door form work…. fuck, apparently they don’t have the meal ticket anymore and now they are sussing out their present acquaintances for the ones they haven’t fucked or fucked over.

It certainly explained the excessive excitement they had while we were chatting and I said something they agreed with. Sadly, the one I told to fuck off kind of popped up the same way. This really isn’t a cycle I want to get stuck in.


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