mothers (g2)

I normally don’t bother much on Mother’s Day… hell, I’m still not used to not working on Mother’s Day. I used to work at a distribution center that took orders for flowers… This past week was hell for them. You’d think it would be Valentine’s, but that is a distant second actually.  I find it ironic the woman who tried to have Mother’s Day made into a thing, actually tried to have it abolished when it started become commercialized. Sadly, if there wasn’t a buck to be made off of it, I doubt it would be a holiday at all.

It didn’t register that it was a holiday until I hit my Facebook feed and saw pages and pages of old pictures or recent ones of people with their mothers. It was cool seeing people I know in the lines on their mother’s faces or the expressions they wore. Of course, it made me miss the fact there is no one for me call anymore.

My great accomplishment today was laundry and scoring allergy medicine on the cheap. Afterwords, Spawn and I binge-watched The Big Bang Theory. For holidays, that is awesome.

It did made me remember a couple of past parent days. I am always shit with gift-giving. My moments of having money never coincided with the holidays and birthdays I needed the resources for. I would procrastinate then find out whatever I wanted to get would take weeks longer than anticipated. The only holiday I ever got it right, I was ordering from one place, ordered my entire Christmas a month in advance… and they fucked it all up. I still won’t shop in Book-A-Millions because of it. and NO I wasn’t just ordering books for everyone… that’d be lame… one was a punch-out book that assembled into a working robot! I mean, a ROBOT! How cool is that?

I couldn’t seem to get my shit straight so I stopped worrying about it and just tried to make sure I at least well-wished on the day. Right now, I have an entire muck bucket of Christmas and birthday for my cousin’s kid who I have just not managed to see to give them. I figure either I’m damn early or fucking late depending on how much of an ass about you want to be about it. Feel grateful I thought of you and shut up.

Where was I? Oh yeah…. mom. Now working several years on Mother’s Day and knowing its going to be hell means I was terribly unavailable trying to prepare for it at work and completely forgetting how the thing keeping me so busy applied to my mother. Looking back, I was an unintentional dick, but I was still a dick.

I got a little better. The last parental-related holidays I spent with my mom, I tried to make up for all the ones I’d missed, forgotten, allowed myself to be barred from or that she’d mostly been absent so it didn’t matter. When Mother’s Day rolled around, I was as normal in the gift-giving department as I always am. I got her a high power drill. If you knew my mother, you would know this actually made her as giddy as a school girl since it finally gave her some torque for some projects she’d been unable to do with her gimpy electric screwdriver.

Grand came to visit my mom when Father’s Day rolled around, so I figured… hey, let’s do something for the people who played dad for the dad who was never dad. Also, I was at work and have an employee discount. I had a co-worker place my order and moved on.

I ordered a tropical arrangement, considering this is the northwest, I soon got a call about my options. This is the place that spent over half the year covered in snow, so tropical flower access was still a few months away.

I told the lady, “envision the most classic, conventional, tasteful arrangement you can”

to which she said,”yeah, ok”

I said, “Good, now I need you to do the exact opposite.”

She laughed. She also asked if I was sure about the card. I assured her I was.

To me mock daddies. Love, the Brat

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