and in comes gail (g2)

Well, being the little ball of cynicism and bile I tend to be based on my prior rant, I showed up for my physical ready to be ignored and given the “eh, yeah sucks to be you” kind of treatment.

I have been going to this place since a couple jobs back, it was near work and I could get in and out pretty quick. Other than that, I keep going because even though I’m not as bad as Sheldon at the prospect of change, I understand where he’s coming from.

Gail came in and didn’t even bother with introductions; she just said she thought hormones were a big part of what was going on and it was mucking up my pituitary system in a multitude of ways, she had some ideas of what could be causing that as well but would need a couple more tests.

It was like starting in the middle of the conversation. I tried to interject my “real” problems, but she was an unstoppable force. She rattled off a long list of symptoms, only a couple of which I had on my highlighted list that I brought with me so I wouldn’t forget anything….

The problem is, she was listing things that had been a factor from the moment I hit puberty and, having had them dismissed by so many doctors in the past as nothing, I had long forgotten that for most of the population… they weren’t normal. I think I spent a greater part of her dialog letting flies in when I realized… she’d actually read my file, all of it. She saw my list in my hand and she took it. She said she wanted to get some more blood work to test her hypothesis and figured that would give her time to review my list as well to get a full picture.

She showed me my blood work… my thyroid was stellar… the base test as well as the T4 were all ideal. The cholesterol that had been a problem for 4 years was also better than perfect. My blood pressure that was never a problem was a bit high for me. Then she directed my attention to it… my blood sugar and triglycerides were higher than I had ever seen them. I have type II diabetes.

I was aghast and before I could get it out of my mouth, she said, “Yeah, let me guess… you’ve always had low blood sugar right?” I just nodded. Apparently, that is a symptom too, and whatever this is, whatever she thinks this is… can flip the switch on any genetic predisposition to diabetes. Thanks, Grand!

So, more blood tests… hopefully she’s right. Either way, I was put on metformin to control the sugar. No word yet on a blood sugar monitor or finger stabs….ech. I really, really hate needles. It sucks, but if at the end of the day I can at least start making the long journey back to the person I truly am instead of this stasis of existence I hobble around in, I’m totally ok with that.


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  1. #1 by innerdragon on May 14, 2015 - 4:57 pm

    I am so happy for you to have found someone who is taking in all of the information!!!!!!!! This post makes me so happy!!!!

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