summer is here… huh (g2)

In the south of the US, you get probably …hmmmm, maybe 2 months of Spring if you’re lucky. You have to plant shit really fast when the cold breaks so it will hopefully root before the ungodly butthole of Hades can make itself known and burn the shit out of everything.

Needless to say, I kill everything I touch… including two aloe plants… yes, I’m aware they are a member of the cacti family and are near impossible to kill. If I only had similar powers when it came to stupid people… or any natural born American who drives in the left-lane, slower than everyone the hell around them.

The past couple of days have been very obviously Summer making its mark. I wake up slightly sticky even in the cold A/C and an overwhelming sense of dread, so it must be Summer.

It means my energy bill will be going up as well, since like I tell the people at the power company…”It’s the South… in the SUMMER, telling me to raise the thermostat to save money defeats the entire purpose of having air conditioning in the first place, so how about get better advice then ‘be miserable,’ will you?”

They weren’t amused.

I was inquiring about solar panels, if that was something they had any expertise on or advice on where to look in my area, how easy to install, how expensive, how much personal trouble to maintain.

If they didn’t cost much, were portable, easy to install; even a savings of 10% would be epic, especially in the swamp funk of the south and its abysmal heat. (if any of you gents/ladies have some experience with solar panels as well, would love to hear it).

I’m convinced the power company was being allusive intentionally to block me from even remedially escaping from their corporate regime. Down with the man!

My ideal temperature is 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, I’m well aware of how amusing that is, I’m giggling like a child as I type this.

I would love to move back to the west side of the country, up high where it doesn’t get the type of heat that exists in the South. Even being born here, I have never really gotten used to it. I’m hoping no one minds when I refuse to do anything that would cause me to have to be outside for longer than it would take to get from car to building/domicile or anything between 6am (*snort* like I would wake up that early) and 8pm.

Why can’t I just commute from home for the next 4+ months… I could drop stuff off about midnight, pick more up. That would be perfect! Then I could totally claim computer stuff as work expenses on my taxes this year, right? …. right?

I hate Summer.

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