“Inside ” Mirror (TM) (G-uno)

I have a theory that we may be able to clearly see some of the people in our lives from the “Inside,” and some from the “Outside.” I also am beginning to believe that we can never truly see ourselves from an “Outside” perspective except on the very rare occasions when we are in the midst of experiencing personal growth. I find this theory to be both comforting, and disconcerting. The disconcerting part comes from realizing that you have been reacting to your life’s circumstances from a completely misguided point of view.

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I find that when I am wrong, I am extremely wrong. I can accept being wrong, the problem for me is my embarrassment over not coming to the right conclusion much sooner. Even more so my inability to view my poor behavior until after-the-fact when the damage has been done. I wish that I could have an “Inside” mirror so I could stand in front of it, practicing the words/facial expressions that were about to come effortlessly out of my face (usually with a less than healthy amount of righteous indignation gulp), and that I could suddenly see myself the way the person that I am about to speak to would see me.

It might even be more helpful if your own reflection from this “Inside” mirror could come out, and give you one of those “Wow I could have had a V-Eight” smacks in the forehead. Not hard enough to give you a concussion, but strong enough to get your attention. We could have a full-length “Inside” mirror at home. A compact sized one attached to the back of our cell phones(TM) so when we are out in public, and we are about to lose control we could whip it out for a quick look. The way we check our smiles after eating something to avoid the embarrassment of talking to someone with a left over piece of food stuck to your tooth.

The compact cell mirror could even come with an app that would issue labeling like ” Ass hat alert!,” or “Your about to screw up in a major way stop!,”  or maybe one that says “Remove that look on your face immediately!”  Maybe the mirror could be both an “Inside” mirror, and an “Outside” mirror. It would stay on as the traditional “Outside’ mirror, and when you needed to activate the “Inside” feature you could issue the verbal command “Mirror, mirror, with wisdom of all, how is this jack-ass about to fall?” 😉


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