My Son Was Brutally Attacked; Racism In Reverse? (G-uno)

I am sickened by the horrible acts human beings are capable of inflicting upon one another, and I am frightened by the undercurrent of a vastly growing trend of tension among people who once upheld the idea of equality for all, who now are questioning their stance of this belief system. I am not some “Pollyanna” who believes that racism can be eliminated, but I do believe that we can do a significantly better job of upholding justice for all.

We are continuously bombarded with false racial concepts regarding all races by a media whose main interest is in perpetuating a higher viewing audience. We are bombarded with negative racial attacks on every form of social media on a 24/7 basis. We are all guilty of racism at some point, or another whether we admit it or not; but I see a rapidly growing number of people who had at one time strongly upheld the concept of no racial division wavering because they feel they are constantly being portrayed as the only race capable of racism.

I am an olive complected female predominately of Jewish,Greek, Italian, German,& Irish decent (according to my D.N.A. results by Ancestry. com), most people think that I am Hispanic if I am rocking a pretty decent tan. Without a tan I think most people would identify me as a white female. My family on all sides happens to be highly mixed with regard to racial decent. We represent all the races on the check your race boxes- Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, and other. If we were to all be present at a family gathering we would be the ideal representation of all races. I am extremely proud of this fact. I believe that if God had intended for only one race to matter then only one race would have been created.

Last week in the middle of watching our loved one slipping away, I awoke to the nightmare that our son had been brutally attacked by 3 other grown males of another shared race. My son who is almost 24 years old has made the conscious decision to never drink, and drive. We are very proud of the fact that if he feels that he has drank more than he should he will either call for a cab, or take his skateboard out of the trunk of his car to ride home.

It was about 12:30 p.m.he was coming home from a friend’s house riding his long-board (a more expensive slightly bigger skateboard) he saw two other adult males when suddenly another male jumped in front of him knocking him off his long-board onto the road. Then the other two males ran up, and one grabbed the board while the other two men began to beat my son. Our son is a pretty big guy, but he knows size is of no matter when you are facing 3 against one. So he grabbed one of the males pulled him to the ground, and fought him without relent. When the two other males could not free their friend they began to both kick my son repeatedly in the face, head, and the back. At this point someone must have called the police to report the mugging.

As the police officers arrived they witnessed the other two men running away with the long-board leaving their friend behind. The police officers pried  our son off of his attacker with great force. We understand that the officers were not aware of the details of the attack so their primary goal was to save the other man who my son was on top of, refusing to let go of his hold on him. We live in a rather large city where the police have been accused of profiling some races over another so because of all the racial tension they are reluctant to perform their duties as officers particularly when race issues are present. The proverbial scale being tipped in another unjust balance for fear of being accused of racism. The officers on call were the same race as my son. So after trying to calm the situation both my son, and his attacker were set free. No arrest was made because of the current racial situation in not only our city but our entire country.

My son was beaten, and robbed. If this story had been reported by the media no one would have labeled this a hate crime that was motivated by racism, because we have created a social climate where only certain races are viewed as being capable of hate crimes. Which is equally as racist as saying only certain races are committing crimes.  As this continues to become increasingly more prevalent in our country I feel that we will create a racial divide so immense that we may never be able to repair its damage. In my opinion if we are going to dole out the terms race crime, hate crime then we will have to dole them out to every crime involving differences of race. I find this labeling to be as ridiculous as the practice of a parent hitting a child for striking another child while simultaneously issuing the command of “Don’t hit!”

In my opinion a very logical first step towards equality would be to replace all such labels with the label of crime against a human being, or humanity. An even better solution would be to report all such stories with simply a truthful account of the actual facts. 😉


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  1. #1 by g2 on July 21, 2015 - 2:08 pm

    You know, I was in a diversity class once that talked about “reverse racism.” I thought it was total bullshit and said as much, the term itself puttered out over the year. I just hated the way it was taught as though racism only came from one direction. Racism is defined as an unreasonable hostility towards a race other than your own. No one ever said it only applied to whites. Whenever a person is attacked based on the shade of their skin or their culture, it’s racism.

    But then, was your son attacked because of his race or three thugs saw a kid by himself that looked like he might have a reasonably stuffed wallet and a hockable board?

    It is most certainly racism to beat a man or shoot a suspect because a person is flinchy about race. However, as far as the cops are concerned, it’s also racism to fail to do your job for fear of being labelled a racist.

    Your son had a crime committed against him, they should have been punished. I’m glad that your son is as brass balled as he is, I doubt it would have ended as… pleasant isn’t the word I want, but I think it would have been much worse had it been someone unskilled physically. He’s a brave man.

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