Unforgettable Moments “She said yes to the dress!” (G-uno)

She opened the door to her dressing room searching for the expression on my face. Our relationship is one where we do not require each others words only our facial expressions. She stood there with very little makeup, her long light brown hair hanging below her shoulders, in a champagne colored vintage laced bridal gown embellished in tiny pearls, and jewels. She was so stunning that I literally felt my heart stop. No one has ever looked as beautiful as our daughter looked in that moment.

I know that she knew it was her dress before she even opened the dressing room door, but she wanted to see my face. I love knowing that she knows me so well. I am grateful that she values my opinion in the same way that I value hers. I am also glad that she could read my face in that moment because there were truly no words that could have explained her beauty in that moment, or how absolutely perfect her dress was for her.

Her wedding gown is graceful, classic,and timeless just like she is. Our bridal consultant smiled at me with a knowing look. It was the second gown she had tried on. There were no “Bridezilla” moments. We followed my sister’s advice to try on three other gowns. It was great advice because it only confirmed how absolutely perfect her choice was. Life holds extraordinary moments for us all. If we are fortunate enough to be fully present in the moment we experience immeasurable amounts of joy. I will never forget that moment in my life. The way she looked, and how I felt. The truth is that our Daughter is unforgettable in every way. 😉


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