Gurus (G-uno)

Ram Dass said “When you know how to listen everyone is your Guru.” I just spent the last two hours at lunch with one of my closest friends, listening to her speak is like stepping into another world where everything you ordinarily see takes on an entirely different form. She sees life in a way that most people are incapable of conceptualizing. Her thinking patterns are rapid, and colorful. She feels things at such a deep analytical level that you can’t help walking away from a deep conversation with her feeling like you’ve been given some of life’s best secrets.

You should know all of my closest friends are quite eccentric, and gifted in some way. She is a published writer, and a gifted artist. The last  time we saw one another was at her Mother’s funeral in February. We keep in contact by computer, phone calls then when there is simply too much to share we meet up to sort of feed off each others energy. She speeds me up when I am lingering in doubt, and I slow her down when she’s lost in a rapid blur.

Today’s topic was initially about our families. We have raised our children together over the last 26 years so most of our great talks start with chatter about their lives. Then we invariably spiritually collide. Having both recently experienced long illness care-taking, and the deaths of our loved ones today’s conversation was about realizing the importance of being a part of the end of someone else’s  journey. She has the ability to see things from a wide-screen point of observation, and clearly see’s everyone’s purpose in a situation. I am more empathically inclined.I process more on an emotional realm.

In two hours we decided that our roles were supportive both medically, and on a much deeper level emotionally. We both realize that life is much shorter at this junction, so like so many others before us we must decide to live mindfully, and joyfully in the moments. Perhaps more open to accepting life as it happens rather than expecting the plan we had in our heads to materialize. I think our experiences have softened our prior points of view. We also decided that there should always be more time to eat lunch with your favorite Guru. 😉


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  1. #1 by blahpolar on July 30, 2015 - 8:07 pm

    You have such cool people in your life 🙂

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