What If They Simply Can Not Take A Hint? (G-uno)

I’m not sure why something that seems perfectly clear to one person completely escapes another person. Our 23-year-old son is having a difficult time convincing a young woman who works with him that he is completely uninterested in dating her, or any other fellow employee. He now jokingly refers to her as his stalker. Our son told me that even if this was not against his company’s policy (I should also add that he is a manager so she works under his instruction) he would still not be interested in dating her. She is smart, attractive, but not his type.

The reason he refers to her as his stalker is that one morning at their place of employment another manager could not make his shift on time so one of the morning crew who was friends with our son prior to their employment had our son’s cell number, and called him to come and unlock the doors. The young lady looked at his phone and added our son’s number to her own phone contacts. That’s when the impromptu texting began. First a work related question here, and there, then more random non work related texts. So our son explained to her that he was very flattered, but that he does not date fellow coworkers.

Still the texts keep coming so he does not reply to any text if it is not related to their job. Last night the young lady showed up at a local hangout near our home where my son, and his friends get together at periodically during the evenings. She immediately went to their table and scooted into the seat next to him. He politely moved over, and then she scooted in even closer. Then he decided he should probably just leave. We live within walking distance so he, and his buddy said goodnight to the others at the table. The next thing they knew she was walking out behind them, and said that her ride had already left earlier. She lives across town, not locally as we do.

Our son, and his friend explained that they walked to the establishment because neither of them drive  after drinking. The young lady proceeded to follow them home even still! Our son did not invite her in but offered to call her a cab. She said no that she would call her friend. He waited with the young lady for her ride to arrive, but her friend was unable to get there right away. Hence the nickname “Stalker.”

The entire situation is difficult because they are coworkers, and our son is not interested in hurting her feelings.  So what do you do when someone simply can not take a hint?


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  1. #1 by blahpolar on August 7, 2015 - 7:53 am

    Ughhhhhh idk what can be done to deter lunatics like that. Restraining order if it escalates…. Talk to someone in her family…. Idk… Stalking ruined 2yrs of my life, if I had to do it all again, the restraining order would have happened a hell of a lot sooner.

  2. #3 by g2 on September 2, 2015 - 3:33 pm

    She’s not hearing the main point. She hearing “I would so be all over that if I didn’t work with you and I’m scared of getting in trouble”

    1. Block her number
    2. Point blank “I’m not interested, even if I did date co-workers, I’m still not interested and I will never be interested.”

    Then stop being the gentleman. I get its his character, but that flavor of crazy sees it as a reason to hope.

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